Every student is encouraged to take an internship during their college career. Since Gallaudet University is located in the nation’s capital, internship opportunities can be an invaluable personal and career experience for you.

Government majors have interned in the D.C. area, as well as nationally and internationally. Government internship locations have included:

  • Private law firms
  • House and Senate office on Capitol Hill
  • U.S. Department of Justice
  • Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)
  • Meet the Press
  • European Union of the Deaf in Brussels, Belgium

Out of the Classroom Experience

The Department knows a strong sense of community among students and between students and faculty enrich your educational experience. You can get involved in all kinds of fun events that include movie nights with classic selections from the American Film Institute, formal debates, Mock Trial program, and trips to local historical sites, including Colonial Williamsburg and Jamestown, as well as study trips to Europe.

The dynamics of today’s workplace increasingly depends on technology. The faculty in the Department of Government and Public Affairs are skilled in online and IT technology, and use it to enhance the classroom learning experience.

Students are introduced to data analysis and statistics, both growing fields in government. The Department also maintains a fully-equipped computer lab for all its majors to complete assignments and discuss issues with fellow majors.

Here are some exciting experiences that majors participate in beyond the classroom.

Mock Trial Program

In cooperation with the Heller Ehrman law firm’s Washington office, most years we offer a mock trial experience. Up to a dozen students are selected to participate in intensive non-credit experience where they are part of team preparing a hypothetical case for approximately two months. The program culminates in two teams presenting the prosecution and defense cases before a real judge in a real courtroom.

See the article recent published about the program coordinated by Professor Penna.


Internships abound in the Washington, D.C. area.

Arrange the internship in consultation with the career center and your academic advisor.

Travel/Study Courses

The Department offers Travel-study courses where students can travel to important historical and political sites and learn about different cultures and ideas. These courses combine classroom time with group and individual experiences that enhance the opportunity to learn.

Past courses have gone to Williamsburg Va., Philadelphia and to South Carolina.

In 2008, our students attended the Democratic Convention and the 2009 Presidential Inauguration through courses offered through the Department.

Pre-Law Advising

The Department offers various pre-law resources to students interested in pursuing a career in law. Students can borrow pre-law texts and receive advise from a pre-law advisor. the Department also sponsors events where students can attend lectures of interest about law school admission and general legal topics.

See the pre-law web page for more details.

Other Department Activities

The Department sponsors other activities for students including:

  • Voter Registration Drives
  • Constitution Day activities
  • Speakers.
  • Movies.

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