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The Office of Planning is responsible for Gallaudet University’s strategic plan. This includes activities like overseeing the planning process, the implementation and monitoring of the strategic plan. The university’s strategic plan is vital for three reasons:

  1. Articulates and addresses the Gallaudet community’s needs

  2. Translates priorities into actions and outcomes that have high impacts

  3. Furthers Gallaudet’s commitment to transformation that continues its history of “becoming”

This office supports multiple projects at the strategic level that both elevates and supports the transformation of the entire Gallaudet community. Our collaborative efforts as a University community will positively impact current and future students, their families, communities, and the lives of Deaf and Hard of Hearing people of diverse identities and backgrounds.

Gallaudet Promise

It is a vision toward a sustainable and vibrant experience for our University, which is a beacon to impact and elevate the community of Deaf, Deaf Bind, Deaf Disabled, Hard of Hearing people, and all of humanity. To learn more click below.

Gallaudet Promise Phase One
Center for Black Deaf Studies

Gallaudet’s Center for Black Deaf Studies operates as an outreach center for researching and educating about the Black Deaf experience.

Louise B Miller Memorial Pathways and Gardens:
A Legacy For Black Deaf Children

The Louise B. Miller Pathways & Gardens: A Legacy for Black Deaf Children is a Black Deaf space where the community can come together to engage with each other. This space has four focal areas: Awareness, Freedom, Remembrance, and Healing.

To support long-term programming of this outreach space, the Necessity of Now campaign invites you to participate in funding this vital place of unification.

Meet the Team

Kristin Mulrooney

Strategic Planning and Integration Manager

Guthrie Nutter

Project Manager


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