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Bryce Chapman

Integrated Marketing Communications Director


I lead Gallaudet University with agile ways of working to meet today’s best ways to communicate and market to deaf and hard of hearing and their allies. I’ve been deaf almost my whole life, and I use this to fuel my approach to the world. Through this fuel is what helps me create, differentiated, world-class, and authentic deaf content.

My experience includes:

I started Bricius Media, a creative agency, and ran it for the first 12 years of its existence before being bought out. I’ve partnered with over three hundred clients in just about any related creative, web, and video production. 

For the following five years, I led a marketing agency for Communication Services for the Deaf (CSD), the largest social impact organization serving the deaf community worldwide. I worked with clients such as Apple, Microsoft, Google, CNN, Uber, and other Fortune Global 500 companies to help them communicate well in the deaf market. 

Gallaudet University, the only liberal art university for the deaf and hard of hearing in the world, bought me on to oversee the university marketing strategies and plans for integrated communications. In three years alone, we launched the signing ecosystem campaign which featured the Apple Maps Guides that my team produced, we created the first-ever brand book for the university, took on as an executive editor for the university magazine, Gallaudet Today, which was revamped and led to over 200% increase in subscriptions, and I also oversaw the university's brand-new intranet and website. 

Outside of my Gallaudet role:

I also work as an independent consultant to help others to expand their business reach. I enjoy managing marketing and creative projects, and leading a wide cross-section of creatives and marketers. On a personal note, I’m a proud husband and father of four beautiful children. When I get a chance, I love to run, and fish from a kayak in the open ocean.

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Bryce Chapman

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