University Shuttle Schedules

University Shuttle Stops

  • MSSD Circle (Model Secondary School for the Deaf)
  • KDES Circle (Kendall Demonstration Elementary School)
  • Benson Circle
  • GUKCH (Gallaudet University Kellogg Conference Hotel)
  • Union Station Metro station

Gallaudet University Shuttle Service Policies

The Gallaudet University Shuttle provides safe and efficient service to faculty, students, staff and visitors of the Gallaudet community. The shuttle operates on a continuous schedule throughout the year. Changes to the schedule will be sent by email and posted to this webpage.

The Transportation Department must be notified in advance of large groups or special events when passengers may need access to the shuttle bus. Priority seating is reserved for the faculty, staff and students of the University.


Service animals that meet the University’s Service Animal Policy, Administration & Operations Manual, 1.08 Service Animals, are permitted on Shuttle Buses.

University’s Delayed Opening:

The shuttle will begin operation one (1) hour prior to the announced opening time. Example: The University announces it will open at 10:00 a.m. The shuttle will begin service at Union Station at 9:00 a.m. and will continue with the normal schedule throughout the day.

Lost/Stolen Items

The Transportation Department is not responsible for any personal items which are lost or stolen on any University operated shuttle bus or bus stop. Any items found will be placed in the Transportation Department for retrieval. Lost items can be retrieved by contacting the department.

Refusal of Service

The University reserves the right to refuse service to any person who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or is incapable of taking care of himself/herself, or whose conduct is such, or is likely to be such, as to make him/her objectionable to other passengers or prospective passengers.


University shuttle buses will only stop at designated locations: MSSD, KDES, Benson, GUKCH, Union Station.

Where to Board the Shuttle Bus at Union Station

Take the escalator up to the Greyhound/Tour Bus Parking Level. The shuttle location area is immediately to the left once you exit the escalator. There is Gallaudet University Shuttle signage, space #50.

Wheelchair Accessibility

The University operates buses which are wheelchair accessible. All wheelchairs must be secured by the driver. Persons using other mobility devices such as walkers, canes, etc. are not permitted to board the bus using the wheelchair lift. Wheelchair lifts are not designed for these items and pose a serious safety risk to the passengers and driving staff.

Other Information

The drivers of the shuttle buses are prohibited from picking up or disbursing passengers once the bus has begun to back out of the space, or has left the designated pick up location.

Gallaudet University Shuttle service cannot assume responsibility for any inconvenience, expense, or damage resulting from errors in time tables, delayed buses, failure to make connections, or for changes in, or shortage of, equipment. The schedules and routes are subject to change without notice.

Please respect the rights of others. Smoking, eating and drinking are not permitted on University buses.

Gallaudet University Transportation Department is always open to suggestions and feedback regarding any aspect of our service. Email Contact, or call 202-651-5151 V, 202-250-2610 VP.


  • (202) 250-2610 (videophone)
  • (202) 651-5151 (voice)
  • (202) 651-5718 (fax)
  • Email
Continuous Shuttle Schedule

Bus pick up locations and times are listed in the table below.


Guideline Type: Scheduling

Holiday Shuttle Schedule

Shuttle riders traveling to airports, train, and bus stations are reminded that luggage is allowed on shuttle buses, however, it cannot block the aisle or be placed in seats that could otherwise be occupied by riders.     Holiday Schedule Martin Luther King Jr. Day,...


Guideline Type: Scheduling

Shuttle Services During Covid Operations

The bus schedule during Covid operations is shown here.


Guideline Type: Scheduling

Large Groups And Other Information

Large Groups The Transportation Department must be notified in advance of any large group that may need access to the shuttle bus. University students, faculty, teachers, and staff have priority seating on shuttle buses at all times. Assistance dogs are allowed on shuttle buses. No...


Guideline Type: Policy

Inclement Weather Procedure

Upon notification, the shuttle will begin service immediately using both shuttle buses. Service will continue for one (1) hour. Example: The University announces it will close at 3 p.m. The shuttle will operate until 4:06pm. Specific information regarding the shuttle's final departure from Gallaudet University...


Guideline Type: Policy

Modified Schedule

Below is the modified bus schedule.


Guideline Type: Scheduling

Friday & Saturday only

The bus schedule for Friday and Saturday is shown here.


Guideline Type: Scheduling

Summer Shuttle Schedule

Begins the day after Memorial Day Monday - Friday * 2 buses on route during peak hours Union Sta MSSD KDES Benson Kellogg 6:30 AM* 6:37 AM* 6:39 AM* 6:40 AM* 6:47 AM* 6:45 AM* 6:52 AM* 6:54 AM* 6:55 AM* 7:03 AM* 7:00 AM*...


Guideline Type: Scheduling

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