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Use of personal vehicles for University business is discouraged since no reimbursement will be made for accident-related incidents.

When using a personal vehicle on University business, the owner of the vehicle must carry automobile liability insurance. The owner’s automobile liability insurance is the primary coverage. There is no physical damage coverage through the University on a personal vehicle. The employee is responsible for the deductible portion of the personal collision coverage and is responsible for any increased personal automobile insurance premiums as a result of an accident.

International Vehicle Use

Individuals renting or leasing vehicles for University business in any country other than the United States and Canada must purchase insurance coverage offered by the rental or lease agent.

In addition, when using a rented or personal vehicle in Mexico, you must carry proof of ownership for the vehicle. When driving a University vehicle in Canada, a Canadian Liability Card must be carried in the vehicle at all times. These cards can be obtained from the Risk Management and Insurance office.

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