Hello. I’m excited to share different things with you. Now I want to talk about different things that are happening from this point on. We will bring the Gallaudet Museum’s work over to the next generation of Deaf people in the museum field. This is an exciting time. We have been working with a group of people here in the Gate House, the center of museum development and planning. We have different people here involved with diverse skills, such as a Multi-media and Outreach coordinator responsible for videos, websites, and newsletters. Another person is leading a team of writers and researchers that are part of the big exhibition plan. We have another talented person involved with the research of old photographs. The team members are all working together in unity and all in one looking at one clear vision of the museum and its museum exhibitions that share our stories.

Our stories from here at Gallaudet University tell stories about Deaf people and our way of life, starting from the beginnings of ages ago towards the present and beyond in the future. We are now in a very exciting period. A very exciting one! All this will not be possible without people like you; it would not have been made possible without your stories. It especially would not be made possible without your financial support. Because of your financial support, the museum is moving forward, moving forward and forward.

We finished our first draft of the script for the wall to see when you enter into the Chapel Hall, along with the selected photographs for the exhibition panels. You will see and may recognize some of these photographs. We are already progressing on the way to reality. We are communicating with the exhibition construction company that are finalizing the designs and constructing the exhibition panels. Yesterday we received the proposal from the company after they created the design previews. We are still moving forward closer and sooner and sooner. We have batted the first pitch, we’ve gone to first base, then second base; passing third base sliding on the home. All that will not be possible without you. It’s not possible without everyone’s involvement. It would not be made possible without your stories. You know the saying, “If it is to be, it is up to us.” Many different kinds of people have museums. Black people have one here in America. Deaf people their own museum in Finland. More other groups have museums all over. There is no national Deaf museum in America yet. Gallaudet University would like to take the lead into that reality. The Gallaudet Museum is a member of several professional museum organizations. So that makes Gallaudet Museum a professional museum. We want to thank you so much for everything. We hope you keep an ongoing support to the museum. This is just the beginning. Please support the next generation of Deaf people working in the museum. Support them in the field and art of the museum. Thank you so much.

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