Elected president of the Student Body Government only a day before the March 1 rally, Greg Hlibok found himself thrust into the spotlight as the official student leader of DPN. A member of a close-knit New York deaf family, which included two older brothers who had attended Gallaudet, Hlibok quickly mastered the political savvy of politicians twice his age.

During DPN, Hlibok emerged as one of the “Gallaudet Four,” a quartet of students that included Tim Rarus, Jerry Covell, and Bridgetta Bourne, all of whom took on the roles of leaders and negotiators during the week-long protest.

Known for his calm professionalism, Hlibok appeared on ABC’s “Nightline” and “Good Morning America.” He was even named ABC’s “Person of the Week” for his role in the Gallaudet protest.

“Now we have respect; we have everything. It’s just the beginning for all of us,” he said after Dr. I. King Jordan’s appointment as president.

Update 2013

Greg serves as the chief of Disability Rights Office (DRO) in Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau at the Federal Communications Commission. He oversees several critical rulemaking proceedings on the implementation of the 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act and the development of Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS), and various issues on the accessibility of communication technologies.

Since 2001 with DRO, his work contributes to progress in TRS, which began with only one type of service, TTY relay, to several types of services, video relay services, IP relay, and captioned telephone, as well as increasing captioned programs on television. In his early career, Greg served in two capacities, as an attorney and a financial consultant.

Admitted to the New York Bar, Greg holds a bachelor’s degree in government from Gallaudet University and a juris doctorate from Hofstra University School of Law. He is vice president of the Board of Trustees of his alma mater, Lexington School for the Deaf, and an active member of several organizations, including Telecommunications for the Deaf, Inc., National Association of the Deaf, and Maryland Association of the Deaf.

In His Own Words

The Nightline telecast was the most memorable event of the DPN week since it was shown LIVE, where millions of viewers saw and heard us. I knew that it was the only opportunity to make it big!

I felt so nervous and anxious until the broadcast began. Once it did, I felt at ease and comfortable because I allowed the truth to take over the entire time. With the truth of our compassion, nothing comes easier than expressing it. At that moment, I wished we had more time for discussion.

Ever since DPN, my privacy somewhat disappeared, and I have grown accustomed to it because it is definitely a worthy price to pay for the success of DPN!

Ever since my Gallaudet days, I have always wanted to work with Deaf people in any way. This time I am doing it as a Financial Consultant at Merrill Lynch. I got a law degree from Hofstra Law School in 1994 and practiced general law, serving Deaf clients until August 1996 when I joined my brother, Stephen, at Merrill Lynch as a team.

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