Hello! I’m Meredith Peruzzi, the director and curator for the Gallaudet University Museum. Maybe you’ve heard via Facebook and Twitter that the Gallaudet museum is thinking of changing its name. This is true! We are currently working on a new name for a few reasons. First, we’re located in beautiful Washington DC, which we feel the Gallaudet museum is on an equal footing with these museums, and as we are here in Washington DC, we should also include the word “National” in our name. Second, our museum is not limited to Gallaudet! We have many diverse stories of Deaf people. But the word “Deaf” is not in the museum name at all – we think it should be! Third, it will help increase the number of visitors we get, and also enhance our fundraising abilities. It’s important to clearly communicate our message through our name, so when people see a grant application, they understand we’re a museum related to the Deaf community. If they only see “Gallaudet,” they may not understand our purpose. Far better to communicate that through our name. For these reasons, we’re looking for a new name related to our location, standing, and the word “Deaf.” Perhaps you have some ideas you can share about how to clearly communicate those messages. Maybe the “National Deaf Culture Museum,” or the “National Museum of Deaf Heritage.” These are just some ideas – whatever ideas you have, please send them to us! The best way to send us your ideas is: E-mail us. Deadline is March 15, 2018. Thank you! We look forward to your ideas and feedback!

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