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Although nostalgia can be bittersweet, psychologists have found that it improves our mood and connects us with others. We look to the past as a means of finding ourselves in history, seeking reassurance that future generations will look back at us, prolonging our legacy.

Our Then and Now exhibition compares Gallaudet’s past and present over its 150-year history. What historical moments look familiar to you? Would the people in the older photographs recognize elements from today’s images?


View toward federal Washington from Gallaudet University in 1880

If you carefully look at this photo, you will notice something very interesting: The construction of the Washington Monument was not completed. Construction began in 1848 until it was put on hold in 1854 due to the Civil War, then resumed from 1879 until it was completed in 1884. (Photo courtesy of Gallaudet University Archives


View toward federal Washington from Gallaudet University in 2018

As you can see, landscaping and road layouts remain as in 1880. But sadly, the view of the U.S. Capitol and the Washington Monument from Kendall Green has been obstructed by row houses and trees. (Photo courtesy of Shane Dundas, G-’11 & ’16