September 7 – October 24, 2004
Hosted by the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, in conjunction with the Alabama Association of the Deaf.

bust of hellen keller

Reverend Jay Croft, who led the planning for the Birmingham, Alabama opening, is sharing the story of how and why this model of the face of Helen Keller is on display. September 7, 2004.

Alabama Institute for the Deaf students watch interactive film

Students from the Alabama Institute for the Deaf are viewing the interactive film “By Necessity and By Choice: How We Communicate” in the exhibition at the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute. September 7, 2004.

ribbon cutting ceremony

From left to right: Gallaudet University Board of Trustees Chair, Dr. Glenn Anderson, ’68; Dr. Lawrence J. Pijeaux, Jr.; President and CEO of the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute; and Gallaudet President, Dr. I. King Jordan, ’70; during the exhibition opening.

Jack Gannon

Dr. Jack Gannon gave remarks about the exhibit.

Through Deaf Eyes tour cities

Estimated total attendance: 415,000 Hartford, Connecticut, March 5 - April 14, 2001, Hosted by the American School for the Deaf - at the Phoenix Home Life Insurance Building. Lexington, Kentucky, October 1 - November 4, 2001, Hosted by the Kentucky School for the Deaf and...

History Through Deaf Eyes

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