Transcript for Gallaudet Museum Announcement about the Curator of “Gallaudet at 150 and Beyond” Exhibition:

Jane: Hello! Good to see you. I have some exciting news now I would like to share with you about new things happening. First, I’m happy to announce who we have decided is the most qualified to be the new exhibition’s curator for Gallaudet’s 150th and beyond. This person’s name is Meredith Peruzzi. She has worked with us for the past few months developing a script for the exhibition. I’m happy to introduce her and welcome Meredith. Meredith: Hello! I’m so excited to be involved in the museum. Jane: Okay. She has a team of four, sometimes five, people working with her to develop the content. That involves researching, identifying photos, and putting this information in writing. Understand, this is a process of writing for the wall. This should be written in a way that people who come in and view the exhibition are fascinated. So how are you involved in this? Meredith: Really, my involvement came about because it is related to Gallaudet’s history, which is my field. So I’m thrilled to be involved with really bringing and showing that history to the general public, including you and anyone who visits Gallaudet in the future, will be able to learn about Gallaudet’s history, deaf life, and culture. I’m happy to be involved with that. Jane: We’re truly happy to have her! We have a great team of people. I call them the next generation of deaf people who come to work in the museum field: museums and art galleries. So now we have a new generation of the next generation. If you come to Gallaudet, you must stop at the Gate House. It is the museum’s operations office. If you come in here, you will meet Meredith, you will meet her team, and you will meet everyone who works here in the Gate House. We have a group of people here; each one is talented, and they do so much to contribute to the work. So this is the next generation of deaf people who work in the museum. So, congratulations! Meredith: Thank you. – END –

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