Name: Yexin Lin

Country: China

Field of Study: Mathematics

My name is Yexin Lin and I am from Shanghai, China. I have attended Gallaudet University since the Fall of 2014. I am currently a second-year student at Gallaudet University and major in Mathematics.

I am particularly interested in pursuing a career in which I can use mathematical skills to teach and help students solve difficult questions. My dream is to become a math teacher, I will fight hard for the dream. I will study mathematics in a Master’s program and plan to obtain teacher certification. I am good at mental arithmetic and complicated mathematical formulas, and I can simplify difficult things in order to explain them to students and make them understand with ease. Although it is still a long way, I know how to get there. Next spring I will apply to work in Tutorial and Instructional Programs at Gallaudet to collect important work experience.

After graduating, I would like to return to Shanghai and support the deaf community. Above all, I am excited that I can learn American Sign Language and communicate with students coming from different backgrounds. What a wonderful experience at Gallaudet!

Getting the Sasakawa International Scholarship is the greatest honor in my life as a student. This program not only helped decrease my family’s financial burden, most importantly it also encourages me to work hard so that my wishes come true.

Contact Us

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Building 103

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