Name: Tianqi Zhou

Country: China

Field of Study: Accounting

My name is Tianqi Zhou. I was born in Shanghai, China. I studied for one year at Sanya University in Hainan province in China and I transferred to Gallaudet in the fall semester of 2014. I am now majoring in Accounting, and minoring in Mathematics. I plan to graduate in May 2018. My goal is to earn a Bachelor[‘s of Science degree in Accounting. After I graduate, I want to pass the CPA test and become an accounting teacher in Gallaudet University. I want to support and improve the deaf community’s education. I want to show that deaf people can do everything.

I’m really thankful for the Sasakawa International Scholarship, It has given me the power to continue my studies. The Nippon Foundation gives international students the chance to get a better education. Which gives deaf students the ability to earn a higher income and have a better life. It is a wonderful organization.

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Sasakawa International Scholarship Fund

Building 103

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