Name: Tharindu Bandara

Country: Sri Lanka

Field of Study: Mathematics

My name is Tharindu Bandara. I am from Sri Lanka, which is an island country in the Indian Ocean. I started at Gallaudet University in Fall 2011 in their English Language Institute. After two years of learning English, mathematics, and other general knowledge, I enrolled at Gallaudet University as an undergraduate.

I have chosen to major in Mathematics and I will earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics in 2017. After I graduate, I will return back to Sri Lanka and fulfill my ambition to become a math teacher and encourage the Deaf community to get a higher education. I will have a plan to get information from the Deaf community about their problems and will try to teach them about their rights. I hope to work together with Deaf community to pass the legislation so that the government of Sri Lanka will provide more opportunities and facilities to the Deaf community to have comfortable life despite their disability.

I am very grateful for the Sasakawa International Scholarship and to the Nippon Foundation for offering me this scholarship. The Sasakawa International Scholarship gives me an opportunity to obtain my higher education at Gallaudet University. The Sasakawa International Scholarship is the greatest help that I have gotten during my university life and I will try my best to perform very well.

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