Name: Lingyu Kong

Country: China

Field of Study: Social Work

I was enrolled at Gallaudet in the Fall of 2014 and am expecting to graduate in May 2017. Currently, I am doing an internship at Project Create in Anacostia, as well as participating in the MuPi honor society and APIA. After I graduate, I plan to become a professional social worker. For the macro level, I will fully advocate for policy development, community education, and empowerment of deaf and hard of hearing people. For the micro level, I will support and assist deaf and hard of hearing individuals to promote success in their lives.

The Sasakawa International Scholarship provides financial assistance to ensure that I am able to continue my studies at Gallaudet University. I am grateful to the Nippon Foundation for assisting me so I can complete my degree as well as achieve my dream to advocate for the deaf community.

Contact Us

Sasakawa International Scholarship Fund

Building 103

(202) 250-2294

(202) 651-5150

(202) 803-7546

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