Name: Jero Ocampos Escabar

Country: Argentina

Field of Study: Information Technology

My name is Jeronimo but my friends call me Jero, I am 28 years old and I was born in Asuncion, Paraguay but I grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I took English Language Institute (ELI) in Spring 2012, and I was admitted to Gallaudet University in Fall 2014. The ELI did a great job by helping and preparing me for improving my skills with English and ASL. Without ELI, I would not be ready to start at Gallaudet University as an undergraduate.

My goal is to successfully graduate and get my bachelor’s degree in information technology. I hope to share my skills in information technology with the deaf community in South America by teaching software and hardware computer programming to young deaf students. Also, I want to prepare and encourage deaf young students for knowing everything and to be ready before starting in an internship and getting a job.

I want to thank the Nippon Sasakawa scholarship for making it possible for me to continue with my studies and improve my skills with the best of my ability. Gallaudet is a great deaf university that has given me many opportunities to meet many people from different cultures and to learn from a lot of new information and new experiences.

Contact Us

Sasakawa International Scholarship Fund

Building 103

(202) 250-2294

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