Name: Ganbayar Ganbaater

Country: Mongolia

Field of Study: Information Technology, Business

My name is Ganbayar Ganbaatar (Gaka). I was born in Bor-Undur city, and I grew up in the one of Capital Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Information Technology and English Teaching from the Mongolian States University of Education in the Spring of 2011. I moved to San Francisco, CA from Mongolia in the first of week 2012 in order to study the English language and American Sign Language at Ohlone College for two years. I enrolled in Gallaudet as an undergraduate in the Fall of 2014.
My academic goal is to major in Information Technology and Business Administration. After graduation, I hope to use my knowledge and experiences from two degrees to serve Mongolian deaf people. In Information Technology, I hope to teach Mongolian deaf people how to use technology with business administration, I am interested in gaining more knowledge and support for the deaf community with the public and helping deaf people learn how to set up a new organization to support the development of the deaf community.
In that respect, I want to thank the Nippon Foundation for providing me with financial support for my studies and helping me to continue my education at Gallaudet. Gallaudet is great because it enrolls students from countries and allows all students to learn from new and different cultures.

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