Areas of Study

Name: Zhengqi Zhang

Country: China

Field of Study:Mathematics

My name is Zhengqi Zhang and I am from Beijing, China. I came to Gallaudet University in the fall of 2013. I am now a sophomore majoring in mathematics and plan to graduate with a bachelor of science degree in May 2017.

My goal is to become a software engineer, utilizing my computer programming and math skills, and create something of value for society as well as achieve self-worth. At the present time, I am interested in researching and developing cochlear implants, creating voice processing solutions for Deaf people with profound hearing loss. We are living in a period of rapid growth right now known as the third wave of the global information industry due to the innovations in computers and the internet. I hope that our hearing aids can advance with the technological flow to become more multi-functional and intelligent.

After graduating, I want to return home and develop my career. Also, now that I have gradually mastered American Sign Language, it would be my honor to help translate and facilitate communication between Chinese and American Deaf communities.

I sincerely thank the Sasakawa Scholarship Program, sponsored by the Nippon Foundation, for helping Deaf students continue their education and pursue advanced studies. This program is allowing me to get closer to my dreams.

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