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Name: Yiming Wang Country: China Field of Study: Education My name is Yiming Wang. I am a second-year graduate student at Gallaudet University. I come from Yangzhou, which is a historic city in China. In 2013, I moved to Gallaudet University and started learning American Sign Language at English Language Institute. Currently, I study Deaf Education and Elementary School. I enjoy my life at Gallaudet University. It is a wonderful experience to study in the world’s unique deaf university and socialize with people from many regions. The knowledge gains apart, learning how different the diverse culture here is also a huge wealth for me. My goal is to become a teacher in an elementary school and provide support and improvement to deaf education in China. Hearing education in China is still considered an appropriate education curriculum for deaf children. Teachers and parents have not yet realized how important their special involvement is in deaf education. I am eager to raise their awareness and create a better environment for deaf students. Learning abroad for international students is always difficult. I am very appreciative that the Nippon Foundation provides me with financial support and helps me continue my academic study at Gallaudet University.

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