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The CITI Program offers online ethics training programs that are free to Gallaudet faculty, students, and staff. The following certificate programs are required for researchers whose projects involve human subjects:

  • Students in Research (Students)
  • Conflicts of Interest (Faculty/Staff)
  • Responsible Conduct of Research (if planning to film participants)

The Gallaudet IRB recommends that all researchers involved in human subjects research complete ethics training. Collaborators and co-authors who are not affiliated with Gallaudet University are not required to complete or submit proof of such training, however ethics training is always recommended.

Most training certificates do not expire. Gallaudet can verify your certification with the CITI Program only if you are affiliated with the University. Below are some training options that have been approved.

  • Complete an online CITI course; be sure to affiliate with Gallaudet University during registration.
  • Present a certificate from the CITI Program if you completed training elsewhere.

The CITI Program does not have a time limit. You may take the courses as often as you want, including to refresh your knowledge. Gallaudet requires a passing grade of at least 80 percent for each course.

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