January 15, 2013: Institutional Assessment Day & Senior Assessment Workshop with Dr. Kathryn Doherty, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, Notre Dame of Maryland University.

This interactive, hands-on workshop is designed to build on participant knowledge of and experience with formative and summative assessment at the senior and/or capstone level. The workshop begins with a brief review of institutional outcomes and of ways to make connections between overarching campus-wide goals and department-based outcomes.

The workshop will then turn to specific, hands-on work to align institutional outcomes, department-specific outcomes, and course-based outcomes at each level of evidence of student learning (introductory, application, and mastery) and to identify and/or build assessment processes and instruments to measure these outcomes within the senior experience.

Mindful of overarching institutional outcomes, accreditation outcomes, and limited faculty time, the workshop will lead participants to build a working draft of a program-specific model for senior assessment that can be implemented immediately moving ahead.

The workshop will close with discussion of required homework for participants in preparation for follow up workshops in March. Each participant will leave the workshop with an action plan for implementing initial change and process, and a series of steps to complete prior to returning to the follow-up workshop in spring.

Workshop Materials:

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