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The Office of Academic Quality established an interdisciplinary Assessment Council composed of designated Assessment Coordinators from each academic department and service program. This position is considered a vital function within departments/programs.

Peer Review

Assessment Council convenes one to two times each semester to conduct a peer review of the learning assessment reports submitted by academic departments and service programs. The coordinators work in teams to analyze the assessment reports, provide feedback by completing the OAQ’s learning assessment report rubric, and participate in an inquiry of the reports and their assessment work. The coordinators also meet to discuss assessment-specific issues, share ideas and strategies, assist one another in developing, coordinating, and successfully applying departmental assessments of student learning. Best practices are usually identified and made available to the coordinators for their assessment work.

Assessment Handbook

To support and strengthen the assessment process, this Assessment Handbook contains information on the assessment of student learning at Gallaudet University and is for the department chairs, program directors, and program/unit assessment coordinators. This handbook includes expectations, guides, examples, explanations, and resources for developing, planning, and reporting on assessment.

Role of Assessment Coordinators

Assessment Coordinators provide leadership and support in assessing student learning and the use of learning assessment data for program improvement in their unit. To do so, the Assessment Coordinator:

  • Develops and updates (in conjunction with Department Chair/Unit Head, and faculty/ staff) the unit’s plan for using program-level student learning assessment to improve the program by:
    • Engaging unit colleagues in shared conversations about student learning and assessment and the use of assessment data for program improvement.
    • Leading the development and periodic review of unit outcomes.
    • Leading the development and periodic review of unit curriculum and assessment activities matrices.
    • Leading the development and implementation of direct and indirect assessment methods appropriate for the unit.
    • Leading the collection of data about the program and student learning.
    • Working with other faculty and staff to close the loop between what is found in the data and improving student learning.
  • Provides annual updates of progress and/or achievements (Learning Assessment Update) to the Senate curriculum councils, Dean, Provost and Office of Academic Quality.
  • Participates as a member of the Assessment Council (AC). Activities include:
    • Functioning as a peer professional development group member with other Assessment Coordinators;
    • Reviewing and providing feedback on annual Learning Assessment Updates.
  • Functions as unit specialist in learning assessment by through professional development and use of resources.
  • Keeps the unit informed about Gallaudet University’s institutional requirements regarding learning assessment.

Council’s Membership Roster: AY 2015-2016 (as of Fall 2015)

College of Arts and Sciences (CAS)

Program Assessment Coordinator
Art Max Kazemzadeh
ASL, BA Wanda Riddle
ASL, MA Raychelle Harris
Biology Cara Gormally
Chemistry Dave Snyder*
Communication Studies VACANT
Deaf Studies, BA Arlene B. Kelly*
Deaf Studies, MA VACANT
English Kristen Harmon
History Roberto Sanchez*
Information Technology Raja Kushalnagar
International Studies (WLC) Roberto Sanchez*
Linguistics, MA Deb Chen Pichler (Sabbatical Leave)
Linguistics, PhD Deb Chen Pichler (Sabbatical Leave)
Math-CS James Nickerson
Philosophy Barbara Stock*
Psychology, BA Daniel Koo
Psychology – School Psy Tania Thomas-Presswood*
Psychology – Clinical* Carolyn Corbett*
Sociology VACANT
Spanish (WLC) Pilar Pinar*
Theatre Cheryl Lindquist
GSR Leslie Rach*
Honors Geoffrey Whitebread

School of Education, Business, and Human Services (SEBHS)

Program Assessment Coordinator
Business (Accounting) Qi Wang
Business (Bus Adm) Qi Wang
Education, BA Julie Mitchiner
Education, MA Julie Mitchiner
Education, PhD Julie Mitchiner
Counseling Danielle Thompson-Ochoa
Counseling, MHC Danielle Thompson-Ochoa
Government David Penna*
HSLS: SLP, MA Brenda Seal
HSLS: PhD Dragana Barac-Cikoja
HSLS: AuD Chizuko Tamaki
Interpretation and Translation, BA Keith Cagle*
Interpretation and Translation, MA Danielle Hunt
Interpretation and Translation, PhD Danielle Hunt
International Dvlp, MA Audrey Cooper
Public Affairs, MPA Marlon Kuntze
PE-Rec Ryan Barlongo
Social Work, BA David Barclay*
Social Work, MA Teresa Crowe*

Student Affairs

Program Assessment Coordinator
Academic Advising Cheryl Murgel
Alcohol and Other Drugs Programs Christine Gannon*
Athletics Anna Hall
Campus Activities Mary Keane*/Eyob Zerayesus
Career Center Anjali Desai-Margolin
Commuter Programs Mary Keane*
Health and Wellness Programs Christine Gannon*
Mental Health Center William Kachman
New Student Orientation Mary Keane*
Office of Student Conduct Eloise Molock*
Office for Students with Disabilities Karen Terhune
Residence Life and Housing Laura Lopez
Student Success Darian Burwell*
Tutorial and Instructional Programs Rhonda Madden

Service Departments

Program Assessment Coordinator
Library Sarah Hamick and Elizabeth Henry

*also the program director or department chair

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