(Note: In an earlier version of “Notes from Human Resources Services,” several names that should have appeared under August promotions were incorrectly listed under September retirements. On the Green apologizes for the error.)

Service awards for July
Five years:

Wei Wang, digital media technician, Graduate School and Professional Programs; Minnie Buenaventura, technical support assistant, Registrar; Holly Bullard, residential educator, Student Life; Sharron Cargo, laboratory and instructional assistant, Chemistry; Usherla DeBerry, coordinator of residence education, Residence Life; Christian Vogler, associate professor and Technology Access Program director, Communication Arts Research; Patrick Gorsuch, senior security administrator, Gallaudet Technology Services

Ten years:

Richard Jeffries, training specialist, Training Professional Development, Clerc Center; Gary Aller, executive director, Business and Support Services Business Operations

Fifteen years:

Judy Stout, student enhancement educator, Student Life, Clerc Center; Elizabeth Craft, laboratory coordinator, Genetics

Twenty years:

Margarita Madeo, graduate admissions assistant, Graduate School

Thirty years:
Randy Prezioso, registrar, Registrar’s Office; Daphne Cox, associate director of admissions, Admissions

New employees hired in July
Taye Akinola, coordinator of residence education, Residence Life; Khera Allen, administrative secretary, Hearing and Speech Center; Kristinn Bjarnason, supervisor of database management, Admissions;
Jay Kowalczyk, digital video technician, Gallaudet Technology Services; Laura Lopez, coordinator of residence education, Residence Life; Adrienne Morgan, coordinator of residence education, Residence Life; Heba Pennington, disability support assistant, Office for Students with Disabilities; Stephanie Stevens, head women’s basketball coach/program coordinator, Athletics; Shay Taylor, e-Learning specialist, K-12, Gallaudet Technology Services; Yun-Han Tsai, accounts payable specialist, Finance

Promotions in July
Gaurav Mathur, assistant dean for Graduate School Curriculum, Policy, and Operations; Susan Schatz, transitional team leader, Clerc Center

Retirements in July
Renee Poyer, Clerc Center
Service awards for August
Five years:
Douglas Bortoletto, residential educator, Student Life; Gretchen Cronin, speech/language pathologist, Student Services; Reed Gershwind, assistant professor, Business; Brenda Kruse-McConville, instructor, Education; Gaurav Mathur, assistant dean, Graduate School Curriculum, Policies, and Operations; Mark Phipps, teacher, MSSD; Richard Romero, teacher, KDES; Kristin Roush, audiologist, Audiology; Dale Shepard, residential educator, Student Life

Ten years:
David Barclay, associate professor/chair, Social Work; Scott Carollo, associate professor, Art; Wendy Hanks, research scientist II, Audiology; Raymond Merritt, associate professor, Biology; Jennifer Nasukiewicz, teacher, MSSD; Deborah Pichler, associate professor/chair, Linguistics; Renee’ Smith, administrative secretary, Counseling; Amy Stevens, associate professor, General Studies; Franklin Stevens, assistant professor, English; Tyese Wright, transition specialist, MSSD

Fifteen years:
Martina Bienvenu, professor/B.A. in American Sign Language (ASL) program coordinator, ASL and Deaf Studies; Lynn Boren, assistant athletic director/volleyball head coach, Athletics; Nowmis Hernandez, custodian, Custodial Services; Pilar Pinar, associate professor, World Languages and Cultures; Olga Rosario, custodian, Custodial Services; Tracey Salaway, professor, Art; Martha Sheridan, professor, Social Work

Twenty years:
Cristina Berdichevsky, professor, World Languages and Cultures; Barry Bergen, professor/chair, History; Carol Cohen, associate professor, Social Work; Barbara Gerner De Garcia, professor/chair, Educational Foundations and Research; Jennifer Nelson, professor, English; Pia Taavila, professor, English

Twenty-five years:
Phyllis Ballenger, teacher, KDES; Steven Benson, teacher, KDES; Matthew Goedecke, director of curriculum and assessment, Clerc Center; Jimmie Bowman, driver, Transportation; Cynthia King, chief information officer, Office of the Chief Information Officer; Deborah Luria-Appell, coordinator of professional and graduate student services, Graduate School; Ruth McLennon, assistant professor, Physical Education and Recreation

Thirty years:
Sarah Doleac, assistant professor, Physical Education and Recreation; Deborah Krichbaum, associate professor/chair, Family and Child Studies; Michael Weinstock, director, Athletics
Thirty-five years:
Kathryn Baldridge, associate professor/faculty athletics liaison, General Studies; Fat Lam, professor, Math and Computer Science; Evelyne Mitton, benefits and records technician, Human Resources Services; Debra Nussbaum, coordinator, Cochlear Implant Education Center; Vicki Shank, professor, Math and Computer Science
New employees hired in August
Emily Blachly, teaching Fellow, Clerc Center; John Castrese, director, Student Life; Lori Day, assistant professor, Psychology; Beth Easterling, assistant professor, Sociology; Gwendolyn Francavillo, assistant professor, Physical Education and Recreation; Melissa Herzig, manager, Visual Language and Visual Learning Research Center; Rebecca Howell, speech/language pathologist, Student Life; Lori Hower, residential night assistant, Student Life; Jessica Hurd, mental health counselor I, Mental Health Center; Michael Janger, instructor, Business; Bomjun Kwon, associate professor, Audiology; Joshua Lothridge, teaching fellow, MSSD; Travis MacFadden, residential educator, Student Life; Sharon Matthews, teacher, MSSD; Tony McGregor, teacher, KDES; Kevin Mcleod, residential night assistant, Student Life; Larry Medwetsky, associate professor, Audiology; Brenda Nicodemus, assistant professor/research center director, Interpretation; Adebowale Ogunjirin, assistant professor, Biology; Jenna Owens, teacher, KDES; Trevor Perry, research laboratory assistant, Education/Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on Hearing Enhancement; Abiodun Ramroop, teacher, MSSD; Emily Schreiner, teacher, MSSD
Promotions in August
Karen Alkoby, associate professor, Business; Scott Carollo, professor, Art; Felicia Davis, coordinator of development and alumni relations, Development; Maribel Garate, associate professor, Education; Brian Greenwald, professor/coordinator, History; Wendy Hanks, associate professor, Audiology; Amanda Holzrichter, associate professor, World Languages and Cultures; Daniel Koo, associate professor, Psychology; Mary Lightfoot, manager of projects, training, and professional development, KDES; Daniel Lundberg, associate professor, Chemistry; Linda Lytle, professor, Counseling; Bryan Miller, professor, Psychology; Eugene Mirus, associate professor, ASL and Deaf Studies; Julie Mitchiner, assistant professor, Education; Elizabeth Moore, master’s of social work program director/associate professor, Social Work; Paul Sabila, associate professor, Chemistry; Cheryl Wu, professor, Counseling
Service awards for September

Ten years:
Jason Duerstock, senior security administrator, Gallaudet Technology Services; Tissa Peiris, ASL and culture trainer, English Language Institute; Tracey Kempton, program coordinator, College of Professional Studies and Outreach Program Support; Bernarda Blanco, custodian, Custodial Services; Havery Williams, bus monitor, Transportation

Fifteen years:
Anna Hall, coordinator of athletic operations, Athletics; Maribel Garate, associate professor, Education

Twenty years:
James Tabron, finisher, Maintenance Services; Robert Weinstock, special assistant to the provost, Provost’s Office

Twenty-five years:
Todd Byrd, senior writer, editor, and photographer, Communications and Public Relations

Thirty years:
Frank Turk, physical education specialist, KDES

Thirty-five years:
James Hynes, MSSD support specialist, Student Life; Roger Beach, professor/chair, Counseling

New employees hired in September

Jeramee Craft, dispatcher/customer service representative, Public Safety; Heidi Henley, mental health counselor I, Mental Health Center; LaNina Mompremier, coordinator of training, Mental Health Center; Allison Polk, development specialist, Development; Tami Santimyer, admissions counselor, Admissions; Ursula Schultz, residential educator, Student Life; Katie Spillane, senior financial analyst, Finance; Debra Trapani, coordinator of inclusion and differentiation, Curriculum and Instruction, KDES; Lionel Williamson, development specialist, Development
Promotions in September
Christina Shen-Austin, coordinator of benefits and compensation, Human Resources Services
Retirements in September
Nancy Carroll, Graduate School and Professional Programs; Jacqueline Mann, College of Professional Studies and Outreach Program Support
Service awards for October
Five years:
Nicole Bradford, administrative secretary, Physical Education and Recreation; Laureen Obermiller, manager of operations, Gallaudet interpreting Service
Ten years:
Anibelka Henriquez, admissions counselor, Admissions; Silvia Blanco, custodian, Custodial Services; Amon Brown, manager of facilities maintenance and operations, Maintenance Services
Twenty years:
Robert Wilson, assistant supervisor of community policing, Public Safety; Marteal Pitts, specialist, Administration and Operations, Clerc Center; Sean Kerins, storeroom helper, Facilities; Lauri Rush, director, Mental Health Center
Twenty-five years:

Mary Keane, director of campus activities and community programs, Campus Activities; Robert Dickerson, lead finisher, Maintenance Services
Thirty years:
Catherine Andersen (retired), chief enrollment and marketing officer, Academic Division Special Project
New employees hired in October
Dianne Bowen, library circulation specialist, Library; Kristine Gauna, administrative research assistant, Visual Language and Visual Learning Research Center; Hilary Mayhew, coordinator, Gallaudet University Regional Interpreter Education Center; YoungHae Park, associate director of recruitment and data, Admissions; Melissa Shumate, educational planner, MSSD; Rebecca Whittington, staff residential assistant, Residence Life; Todd Williams, staff residential assistant, Residence Life; Yunguang Zheng, database management specialist, Admissions
Promotions in October
Justin Lasko, supervisor of Custodial Services, Custodial Services
Retirements in October
Linda Thompson, World Languages and Cultures

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