The Division of Equity, Diversity and Inclusive Excellence uses the inclusive excellence framework when carrying our our work. Our vision, policies and strategic initiatives are implemented using the principles found in this framework.


A Safe and Welcoming Community

Nurture a positive and collaborative community that affirms diversity, enhances the well-being and self-actualization of all members, and engages in sustained and transformational courageous conversations around climate, equity, and diversity issues.

Equitable Opportunities and Outcomes

Assess equity of access and outcomes across constituencies and across diverse backgrounds, with particular focus on historically underrepresented and underserved populations; develop intentional pipelines to broaden the diversity of the recruitment and hiring pools; develop and implement campus-wide strategies to retain students and employees from underrepresented groups.

Strategic Partnerships

Broaden transdisciplinary collaboration and community partnerships across diversity, thus positioning the institution to lead the search for solutions to enduring problems locally, nationally and globally.

Intercultural Competency

Engage constituents and stakeholders in sustained culturally responsive curricular and extra-curricular programming, training, intergroup dialogue, and community service that build capacities for effective cross-cultural communication and mutually-affirming interpersonal relationships.

Organizational Resources

Create an organizational structure that facilitates the coherent implementation of institutional diversity and inclusion strategic goals; leverage existing resources and create new resources to support the development and implementation of inclusive excellence policies and practices.

Collaborative Leadership and Shared Accountability

Establish a culture that affirms shared responsibilities, human interdependence, and unity in diversity; elevate institutional inclusive excellence planning and accountability across all units.


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