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ELI has a set of exams that are used for determining student placement, progress, and achievement.

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The American College Test (ACT) is a test for ELI students who wish to meet the criteria for undergraduate admission. The ACT is required for undergraduate admission to Gallaudet University. The ACT is taken two times during the semester by students in level VI. The score results are used as part of the midterm and final exam grades for level VI.

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Each semester, ELI students take the CaMLA Writing Test for promotion purposes for levels up to level 6. When an ELI student meets the criteria for promotion to the next level of English as a Second Language (ESL), the student will be placed into a higher ESL level for the following semester.

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During ELI Student Orientation, new ELI students take placement tests. The ELI administration analyzes the scores to determine the best fit for a new student within the ELI’s class levels.

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The screening tests are part of the ELI application process and are different from the placement tests that are taken during ELI Student Orientation (ESO).

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The diagnostic tests are designed by the instructors, taken by students during the first week of classes, and used as baseline tests.

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