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A caregiver-reported outcome measure of communication and social functioning in children age 5-10 who are deaf or hard of hearing

We elicited caregiver-reported observations of children aged 5–10 who were deaf or hard of hearing (DHH) that resulted in two…
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A Study of Attention in Balanced and Unbalanced Bilingual Users of ASL and English

Early deafness is thought to affect low-level sensorimotor processing such as selective attention, whereas bilingualism is thought to be strongly…
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Adverse Childhood Communication Experiences Associated With an Increased Risk of Chronic Diseases in Adults Who Are Deaf

Introduction: This study explores adverse childhood communication experiences and its RRs for acquiring specific chronic diseases and mental health disorders in…
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Assessment of Internet Health Information on the COVID-19 among Deaf Communities in Japan: From Infodemiological Perspective (In Japanese)

Background: The internet and social media rapidly become a huge source of health information for people including deaf people, and…
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Avoiding Linguistic Neglect of Deaf Children

Deaf children who are not provided with a sign language early in their development are at risk of linguistic deprivation;…
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Bilingualism: A Pearl to Overcome Certain Perils of Cochlear Implants

Cochlear implants (CI) have demonstrated success in improving young deaf children’s speech and low-level speech awareness across a range of…
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Cochlear Implants and the Right to Language: Ethical Considerations, the Ideal Situation, and Practical Measures Toward Reaching the Ideal

In this chapter, the authors proposes an immediate remedy: to teach deaf children a sign language, along with training in…
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Conceptual model of quality of life in adults with congenital and early deafness

Background A conceptual model of health-related quality of life (QoL) is needed to describe key themes that impact perceived QoL…
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Concerns with data analysis and interpretation. Commentary on: Geers et al. (2017). Early sign language exposure and cochlear implantation benefits

Background Most children with hearing loss who receive cochlear implants (CI) learn spoken language, and parents must choose early on…
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Coproduction, Coeducation, and Patient Involvement: Everyone Included Framework for Medical Education Across Age Groups and Cultures

Medical education, research, and health care practice continue to grow with minimal coproduction guidance. We suggest the Commons Principle approach…
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