The Deaf Studies Conference: Transformation (DSCT) announces its collaboration with Deaf Studies Digital Journal (DSDJ). We will be working with DSCT with the post-proceedings publication of the conference on a forthcoming new publishing platform. Keep an eye out for further announcements!

Gallaudet University’s ASL and Deaf Studies Department will host the conference from November 1 to 3. There is a full slate of international presenters will share research, thoughts, discoveries from various fields in Deaf Studies. Check out their page for more information on the conference:…

TRANSCRIPT: Deaf Studies Conference 2018 and Deaf Studies Digital Journal (DSDJ) Announce Collaboration

Video opens with Matthew Malzkuhn and Tawny Holmes Hlibok, Esq. walking in the screen from opposite screens.

(Both) Hello! Matthew: What’s up? Time is a-nearing- only less than 2 months left until you all come here for the Deaf Studies Conference 2018 with its theme of Transformations!

Tawny: Yes, that’s cool to think about! Upon reviewing the agenda and program of presenters, we can confirm it’s top-notch. The planned rich variety of perspectives will contribute thoughts, knowledge, and research to the field of Deaf Studies. So we all ought be excited. But wait a minute- you may be watching and thinking, “Oh no, you mean when the conference happens on November 1-3rd, that knowledge will vanish into thin air?” No, we have good news! We want to announce that we will collaborate with Deaf Studies Digital Journal (DSDJ)! We would like to welcome them to share more about their vision.

Video fades out and fades in to show two new people: Patrick

Boudreault and Ivy Davis of DSDJ. Both: Hello!

Patrick: I’m the Executive Editor of DSDJ.

Ivy: And I’m the Managing Editor of DSDJ.

Patrick: As Matthew and Tawny the conference organizers of the Deaf Studies Conference, just mentioned, how would the conference be documented? The heart of the conference will be presented through sign language, which will be fully supported by the DSDJ platform. We are thrilled to partner with them.

Ivy: Yes, we have a new publishing platform supported by the University of Michigan, which will be released in the upcoming spring!

Patrick: Now, how can you keep updated and informed on DSDJ’s progress? Ivy: Oh, you can through our new website! It’s Be sure to check it out!

Patrick: That’s all folks! Video fades out to show the official conference flyer with information.

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