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  1. Gallaudet has engaged ABM, a specialty facilities management company, to conduct a comprehensive assessment, produce recommendations, and implement upgrades of HVAC systems in all university buildings to minimize the risk of airborne COVID transmission.
  2. In addition to infrastructure upgrades, we will implement other strategies – including increased filtration, optimizing system settings, and introducing outside air – to increase air quality.
  3. This work is scheduled to be completed before the end of July for 17 high-priority buildings. ABM will then replicate this process for all other university buildings.
  4. HVAC and ventilation improvements and optimization are one piece of the overall COVID response. These improvements – when performed in conjunction with other health and safety procedures and behaviors – will significantly reduce the risk of airborne COVID-19 transmission.
  5. Gallaudet’s investment in HVAC improvements is focused on COVID, but will accrue additional safety and comfort benefits that will persist beyond the pandemic.

Retain HVAC Experts

Consult with experienced HVAC professionals.

Boots Filtration

Ensure functional filters; supplement with portable filtration systems.

Optimize Settings

Adjust system settings and timing to maximize air replenishment.

Maximize Outdoor Air

Increase the introduction of outdoor air to the extent possible.

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