Areas of Study
  1. Gallaudet and Clerc Center will follow all applicable CDC/OSSE requirements and recommendations.
  2. Our approach will utilize frequent and regular cleaning, supplemented by weekly and targeted desinfection as required. 
  3. Custodial staff will use EPA-approved cleaning agents, and will be provided with appropriate PPE and training.
  4. We have developed protocols for cleaning and desinfection of spaces know to be occupied by COVID-positive individuals.

Levels of Cleaning

Understand and apply appropriate levels of cleaning for various scenarios.

Worker Protection

Provide PPE and training to cleaning staff.

Cleaning Equipment

Utilize and maintain speciality equipment for cleaning and disinfection.

Approved Products

Use disinfecting/antimicrobial products that have been approved by the EPA.

Know Infected Areas

Developed protocols for cleaning and disinfection of spaces known to the occupied by COVID positive individuals.

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