Areas of Study


COM-150 Introduction to Communication

Introductory survey of the field of communication that includes discussion of the importance of communication in our lives, examination of communication as a uniquely human...


COM-160 Communication Research

This course will focus on the process of inquiry within human communication. Students are introduced to concepts of framing research questions, conducting literature reviews, developing...


COM-195 Special Topics

Special topics in the discipline, designed primarily for freshmen. Students may enroll in 195 Special Topics multiple times, as long as the topics differ.

COM-195 Special Topics

Credit 1-5


COM-235 Intergroup Dialogue

This course is designed to provide an environment that is supportive of self-exploration and understanding through attendance and participation in intergroup dialogue. The goal of...


COM-280 Group Communication

This course will focus on the process of thinking and problem solving in committees and small groups; methods of leading and participating in discussions and...


COM-290 Public Presentations

The course emphasizes the principles involved in the selection and organization of ideas and their effective presentation to a group.


COM-295 Special Topics

Special Topics in the discipline, designed primarily for sophomores. Students may enroll in 295 Special Topics multiple times, as long as the topics differ.

COM-295 Special Topics

Credit 1-5


COM-320 Internship Seminar

The Internship Seminar is required of all Communication Studies majors who anticipate that they will start an internship within the subsequent three academic terms. Typically...


COM-321 Internship

Students who major in Communication Studies are required to complete an internship for career exploration, job experience, and the opportunity to apply knowledge and skills...

COM-321 Internship

Credit 1-3


COM-324 Interpersonal Communication

This course will provide for the experiential learning of the elements of effective interpersonal communication. Students will observe, record, and analyze interpersonal transactions; opportunities for...


COM-330 Interpersonal and Group Conflict Management

In everyday life, we are interdependent with others and face many challenges in interpersonal and group situations. The difference or disagreements in perceptions, goals, needs,...


COM-335 Mediation, Deliberation, and Dialogue

For many years, programs in mediation, dialogue, and deliberation have been invaluable in helping people change their communicative patterns in order to improve their situations...


COM-340 Business and Professional Communication

This course prepares students to be effective communicators in the workplace and includes interviewing, professional presentations at staff meetings, business writing, and interaction with a...


COM-350 Introduction to Mass Communication

This course involves a critical study of the development, scope, influence, and theories of mass communication in America.


COM-360 Introduction to Public Relations

This course provides a broad overview of components of public relations in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. Students will examine the concept of public...


COM-380 Theories of Human Communication

This is a survey course that covers conceptual approaches to the study of human communication. There will be a emphasis on theories that focus on...


COM-390 Communication Accessibility

This course is cross-listed and is otherwise known as ITS 372. The ability to have access to communications is an important foundation for empowerment of...


COM-395 Special Topics

Special topics in the discipline, designed primarily for juniors. Students may enroll in 395 Special Topics multiple times, as long as the topics differ.

COM-395 Special Topics

Credit 1-5


COM-400 Persuasion

Students will study the ways in which beliefs, attitudes, and behavior are affected by communication in this course. The findings of behavioral research and contemporary...

COM-400 Persuasion

Credit 3


COM-410 Advanced Public Presentations

Students in this course will approach public speeches and speech-making based on theory, performance and criticism. Students will both write and deliver their own addresses...


COM-420 Nonverbal Communication

A study of the theories and research on the influence of artifacts, appearance, facial expression, gestures, paralanguage, posture, movement, space, time, and touch on human...


COM-430 Gender and Communication

This course is an examination of communication and gender, including sex role stereotypes. The course provides a survey of how communication of and about gender...


COM-440 Intercultural Communication

An examination of the role played by communication in the bridging and separating of cultures. How norms, values, and expectations concerning the communication act itself...


COM-450 Political Communication

An examination of the persuasive strategies used by mainstream politicians, social activists, and propagandists. Special emphasis is on the rituals and implicit rules of conducting...


COM-460 Organizational Communication

The role of communication in complex organizations. Emphasis upon the role of communication styles of managers and employees in the creation of corporate culture. Dissemination...


COM-470 Family Communication

Examination of the communication concepts that are fundamental to understanding interaction in the family. Exploration of how communication affects the development, maintenance, and enhancement of...


COM-480 Argumentation and Debate

Students will study the process of arriving at reasons and conclusions; practice in debate; projects in analysis, research, ordering of arguments, and refutation.


COM-490 Visual Communication

Reviews a broad range of critical and theoretical approaches in contemporary visual practices. Students will learn how to find meaning and value in the images...


COM-493 Senior Seminar: Communication Ethics

This required course is designed for Communication Studies majors. The course assignments and discussions will focus on communication ethics in interpersonal, group, family, public and...


COM-495 Special Topics

Special topics in the discipline, designed primarily for seniors who are majors or minors. Students may enroll in 495 Special Topics multiple times, as long...

COM-495 Special Topics

Credit 1-5


COM-499 Independent Study

Reading, research, discussion, or laboratory work, according to the interests of the student. Title indicating the content must be available at registration.

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