Fill out below to confirm your registration to attend the first-ever Black Deaf Studies Symposium.

  • Regular registration: $275.00

You may register as a student with a school email address for online registration. You also may register as a student in person with a valid Gallaudet ID.

  • Student Regular registration: $150.00

Note: This is a first come and first served event – please pay immediately after the registration to avoid missing out on the Symposium.

Important Notice

There are two steps you must take online to confirm your registration completely. After you fill out the form below, there will be a link to make a payment. With both being taken care of, this will finish the registration process. If you haven’t filled out below and then paid your registration fee, you are not officially registered for the symposium.

Registration is now closed as the Symposium has reached it’s capacity

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Black Deaf Studies Symposium

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