The Landscaping and Grounds team and the Office of Alumni Relations have embarked on a groundbreaking project to create a digital geographical information map showcasing all the cherished class slabs, memorial trees, and other tributes that adorn Kendall Green.  

The foundation of this project began long ago, spearheaded by two now-retired Grounds Department employees, Olivia Schnoor, ’80, and Trudy Haselhuhn, E-’84. They created a magnetic map board showing the locations of all the class slabs. This data was later transferred to the Office of Alumni Relations. Greta Wolcott, ’21, and Sophia Stone, E-’14, created and organized a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Building upon this invaluable resource, Eric Kaika, ’02, manager of Landscaping and Grounds, used ArcGIS, a cutting-edge cloud-based mapping and analysis solution, to breathe life into the data.  

The result? A comprehensive geographical information digital map that highlights all the class slabs, memorial stones, benches, and other notable artifacts across campus. This innovative platform not only celebrates our rich history and heritage but also provides a fascinating insight into the tapestry of Gallaudet’s legacy.  

Curious to explore? A pilot version of the map is now available for viewing, inviting everyone to embark on a virtual journey through our storied grounds.  

Landscaping and Grounds, which is under the Office of Campus Design and Facilities, has several other ArcGIS-powered projects that are complete or in progress. They are collaborating with the Advanced Geographical Information Systems class in the Information Technology program, taught by Erick Posner, an adjunct faculty member. Posner is teaching this class through an Education Partnership Agreement between Gallaudet University and the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency. Kaika and Posner teamed up to map the university’s exterior infrastructure, culminating in a comprehensive digital representation of key structural objects. 

From left: Muhammad Abubakar, Taylor Nguyen, Erick Posner,
Harendra Udurawana, Bernard Thompson, Yasmeen Holguin,
and Emily Nover 

On October 29, 2023, a dedicated group of students, including Muhammad Abubakar, Taylor Nguyen, Emily Nover, Yasmeen Holguin, Bernard Thompson, Harendra Udurawana, and Lu Ming embarked on a campus-wide mapping expedition. Armed with smartphones and GPS collector devices, they meticulously documented light posts, manholes, water valves, drains, fire hydrants, and emergency call-stations with remarkable precision. 

The result? A visually stunning map showcasing the precise location of these objects with up to one-meter accuracy, providing invaluable insights into the campus infrastructure. As part of her individual project, Holguin delved deeper into the university’s exterior lighting, uncovering fascinating details. Identifying over 600 streetlights and 12 different types of light posts, her thorough assessment illuminated areas for improvement, including identifying dark spots and assessing the functionality of each lamppost. 

This collaborative effort not only exemplifies Gallaudet’s commitment to innovation and sustainability and also highlights the power of interdisciplinary collaboration in creating positive change. Kudos to all involved for their dedication to enhancing our campus environment for the entire community. 

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