Rendering of new gate at 6th Street and Florida Ave
New entry at Sixth Street and Florida Avenue NE © Dangermond Keane Architecture

The Gallaudet 2022 Campus Plan is a 10-year update to our existing Facilities Master Plan required by the District of Columbia Zoning Commission. The 2022 Campus Plan articulates the University’s vision and provides guidance for the physical development of campus facilities.

The University Board of Trustees approved the scope and intent of the 2022 Campus Plan during its May 2012 meeting. The University then moved forward with the zoning application with the assistance of consultant teams Stantec, Dangermond Keane Architecture, Symmetra Design, and legal counsel Holland & Knight.

Planning Principles

  • Accommodate enrollment growth, support Gallaudet Strategic Plan Goals
  • Increase and enhance on-campus housing
  • Revitalize the heart of the campus, increase density
  • Integrate physical accessibility and sustainability
  • Build new connections with the local community

Highlights of the 2022 Campus Plan

  • Renovation of three historic campus buildings, which are part of the Gallaudet College Historic District, a U.S. National Historic Landmark district.
  • Creation of a new pedestrian entrance to campus from the corner of Florida Avenue and Sixth Street NE.
  • Construction of a new residence hall for the Model Secondary School for the Deaf, a residential high school located on campus.
  • Establishment of a new student learning commons to replace the library on the current site of the University’s visitor center and admissions office.
  • Refurbishment of the “Gallaudet Mall” to enhance the space as an outdoor gathering area.

The final 2022 Plan document will consist of multiple volumes that provide the overall illustrative plan as required by the zoning commission. Additionally, the deliverables will provide a 10-year implementation plan to guide capital funding decisions and phasing logistics. The Campus Design Guide will be updated to reflect the priorities outlined in the 2022 Plan.

Led by a Steering Committee consisting of representatives from a cross-section of Gallaudet students, faculty and staff, the 2022 Campus Plan is the culmination of input from the campus community and beyond. Over 15 months, students, faculty, and staff participated in a series of workshops focusing on such topics such as sustainability, academics and research, DeafSpace design concepts and accessibility, and campus life.

In September 2011, an advisory panel from the Urban Land Institute conducted interviews with:

  • People from the campus community
  • Local area merchants and individuals from neighborhood associations
  • Officials from the D.C. government, including the Mayor’s Office, Parks and Recreation, D.C. Public Schools, and city planners
  • Local Advisory Neighborhood Commission members
  • Local and citywide Chambers of Commerce members
  • Representatives from other area universities and the Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area
  • Other stakeholders

Recommendations resulting from these interviews and other analyses were recently published in a report titled Repositioning the Institution, Renewing the Community.

Last spring, the University conducted several community-based forums and a workshop to encourage public participation and input in the 2022 campus plan. The Gallaudet Community Relations Council has also been involved in the planning process, and additional opportunities for feedback from both internal and external stakeholders will continue to be made available.

The next steps for the 2022 campus plan development include continued meetings with the District Office of Planning and with Ward 5 and Ward 6 stakeholders. A public hearing with the District of Columbia Zoning Commission is expected to occur in late 2012.

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