Areas of Study

Campus Design and Planning provides the university with a broad range of services that ensure the campus’ physical assets support Gallaudet’s mission and evolving program needs while preserving and enhancing the campus experience.

These services include:

Long Range Campus Planning

Campus Plan Sustainability Workshop

Campus Design & Planning conducts ongoing, comprehensive campus planning activities critical to the long-term implementation of the Gallaudet Strategic Plan. Long-range planning activities are undertaken to ensure that: (1) strategic program facility needs are met efficiently and effectively; (2) sustainability goals are advanced and (3) Gallaudet’s campus community and local citizens are engaged in a transparent planning process.

Pre-design and Programming Services

Person playing a planning game

All new building projects and campus improvement projects are initiated through a collaboration with stakeholders and Campus Design & Planning staff. “Pre-design” services articulate the basis for the project and how it supports Gallaudet’s mission, and provide a preliminary project description including the location, size, project cost and schedule.

Campus Design

Photograph of College Hall Breezeway in late afternoon sun

Campus Design and Planning develops and maintains the Gallaudet Campus Design Guide to ensure coherent campus development that preserves and enhances the campus image and experience through the thoughtful application of DeafSpace design concepts and sustainable design principles. Ongoing campus design studies coordinate architectural and landscape design, space utilization and security, utility infrastructure, access and parking for each new project within precincts and campus-wide.

Architecture + Landscape

Historic Landscape of Gallaudet

The design of all new buildings and campus improvements at Gallaudet University is led by the director of Campus Design & Planning. Typically, large projects are executed with the assistance of qualified design professionals selected through a variety of procurement methods available to the university.

Architecture + Landscape Photo Courtesy of Gallaudet University Archives

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