Areas of Study
  1. One-time fee:
    1. Application Fee: $40
    2. Activity Fee: $50
    3. Linens: $15 (if applicable)
  2. The cost per course:
    1. ASL 1 – 4: $990 per course
    2. ASL 5-6/Visual Gestural Communication: $900
    3. Beginning/intermediate Fingerspelling: $330 per course
    4. Classifiers I/II: $330 per course
  3. Housing/Meal Plans (if applicable):
    1. Housing: The cost per night is $40 / $520 for 2 weeks (as well as a one-time fee of $15 for linens).
    2. Meal Plans: If you will be living in the dorms on campus, you are required to sign up for a meal plan. The information on the summer meal plan and charges– $21/ day or $150/week. Please visit the Student Meal Plans webpage to learn more about the options available.

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Summer Residency Program

(202) 730-2792

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