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ASL classes at Gallaudet University may not be equivalent to classes you have taken at other locations. To ensure that you are placed in a class that meets your needs, please review the course descriptions and select the one that seems to fit your current skill level. This information along with the ASL Placement Screening will help determine the class that best supports your learning. The ASL Placement Screening will be taken through a zoom meeting. If you are planning to take ASL I, you do not need to take the ASL Placement Screening 

We will be assessing you on the following:

  • ASL grammar, including linguistic elements such as sentence types, grammatical categories, and discourse functions
  • Range and accurate use of ASL vocabulary
  • Clarity of sign formation that includes handshape, palm orientation, location and movement
  • Fluency in use of ASL
  • Comprehension of conversation in ASL

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