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Summary of Requirements

Required pre-minor courses 12 hours

Students formally apply to the minor program upon completion of these courses.

This course is designed to assist the student in a visual understanding of the art of the past and present. The Western tradition is analyzed, with emphasis upon art forms such as architecture, painting, and sculpture. The course highlights the major art periods starting with prehistory and ending with the modern era. Students are expected to take this course before taking major level courses in Art.

An introduction to the language of art and design (space, line, shape, value, texture and color) and the principle of composition for both two-dimensional and three-dimensional art. A series of hands-on projects will reinforce these concepts. Students are expected to take this course before taking major level courses in Art.

This course introduces students to the Macintosh computer system, digital camera basics, and Adobe software, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Digital imaging, illustration, layout, and other digital art techniques will be introduced. This course is intended to prepare students for intermediate classes in graphic design, web design, photography, and digital art.

A foundation course in drawing. An introduction to principles and procedures of drawing in various media. Lectures and studio work. Students are expected to take this course before taking major level courses in Art.

Required art courses 9 hours

ART 450:

1. Topic to be specified

2. Students take this course two times as topics change.

Choose three courses:

This course focuses on major developments in art since the mid-19th century including painting, sculpture, architecture, photography, and the cinema. Technological innovations, the tendency toward rapid stylistic changes, and the materials and media most prevalent in our contemporary art scene are all discussed within their relevant historical, social, and cultural contexts. Field trips to galleries, museums, and related institutions are an important component of this course.

This course both surveys and samples the creative, technological and social developments that have had impact on the evolution of the graphic arts. Course content emphasizes both the visual and written record through a variety of media including original objects, reproductions, film, the Web and other published sources.

The work of women as well as many other minority or racially diverse groups has often been overlooked and under-documented throughout much of history. At the same time, women and feminist scholars have provided leadership in the field of art and culture studies, bridging gaps and expanding the boundaries of traditional academic studies. Through a diverse group of readings, classroom lectures and discussions, visits to area museums, interactions with women artists, and independent research, this course provides students with a comprehensive overview of the important contributions women have made and are making in the art world.

This course will provide advanced study in art history in a variety of diverse, timely and interdisciplinary topics covering particular periods, artists, movements, and thematic approaches in the field of art history. Course topics will emphasize; subjects in art which highlight the creative achievements of diverse groups of people; themes created in conjunction with important cultural collections, exhibitions or events related to art within the greater Washington, D.C. area; and those subjects which are of particular interest to our campus community. Topics will be offered on a rotating basis. Course may be repeated as topics change.

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