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Last Name First Name Number
Dahl Henry 163
Dailey Jeanette 480
Dailey Mary F. 473
Dailey Robert Wilson 266
Dailey Sarah L. 675
Daly Josephine Marie 707
Dammann Florence L. 015
Dantzer Charles O. 425
Darby Edward 5A
Darby James Arthur 831
Dargan Julius C. 175
Dashiell Charles, Jr. 067
Daughdrill Colin Johnson 399
Davidson Samuel 221
Davidson Samuel Gaston 394
Davis Frank C. 189
Davis Thomas 438
Davis William Henry 756
Day Pearl 502
Dechard John W. 155
Deeble William Franklin 166
Deem Charles Solomon 405
DeLodge Geneva 525
DeLong Elizabeth 873
DeLong Harvey Daniel 600
DeLong Hoan Clark 793
Dennis Alexandre William 074
Denson Era Christiana 472
Deputy Clara Louisa 517
Dimick Richard Ernest 550
Divine Louis Andrew 626
Dobson Wesley 507
Dodge Charles Henry Hook 581
Donaldson Mary Matilda 4A
Donelly John Francis 326
Donnell John 150
Donnelly Maria 832
Dougherty George Thomas 327
Dougherty Hugh 613
Dougherty Mary 751
Douglas Ranald 252
Dowell James Clarence 712
Downing David James 411
Drake Hugh Robert 346
Draper Amos G. 170
Drought Ralph H. 610
Dudley William E. 680
Duea Oscar 725
Duffy Peter 056
Duncan Edgar Casewell 452
Dundon John Henry 422

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