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Wife’s Last Name Wife’s First Name Husband’s Last Name Husband’s First Name Folder Code Fay Code
Yates Susan Brittain Albert 019-20 0470
Yates Susan Martin   107-19 2604
Yearick catherine Kelly Arthur 087-08 2069
Yendersdorf Anna Belcher John 013-08 0579
Yorman Minerva Hopkins William P. 078-06 1851
Younan Olivet Hinrod DeWitt 015-17A 1817
Young Annie R. Carroll Virgil P. 028-17 0662
Young Eliza Willard William 171-16 4199
Young Elizabeth Cozatt Jordan 037-01 0887
Young Ella Hughes R.D.H. 080-07 1691
Young Emily Smith Henry P. 147-13 3718
Young Ida Holland S.J. 077-06 1833
Young Louisa A. Munby John W. 114A-21 2742
Young Mary Tanner Asher 157-19 3939
Young Rachel Kern Charles Avery 088-03 2050
Yountz Louisa J. Maynard   108-22 2625

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