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Wife’s Last Name Wife’s First Name Husband’s Last Name Husband’s First Name Folder Code Fay Code
Iacks Sophia Gatshuh   060-05 1473
Ide Betsey Ellen Buckley John I. 023-21 0158
Imschweiler Catharine Harrin John 069-17 1664
Ingraham Margaret Shrpherd Jotham 144-16 3556
Ingraham Mary A. Livingston Josiah E. 097-23 2345
Ingram Anna C. Perry Thomas A. 124-23 3028
Inlow Mary A. Minor Philip M. 112-21 2702
Insley Mary V. Elliott William 049-04 1128
Irwin Elizabeth Sinkins Myron 146-03 3576
Irwin Martha Pekare Jeremiah 123-22 3012
Isborn Phoebe Bowdish Moses 016-26 0422
Isham Annie Waters W.L. 165-17 4109
Israel Nettie M. Rogers David S. 135-21 3130
Iverson Lillie M. Hunter Etherlbert 080-22 1645
Ives Helen M. Watts William A. 166-07 4044
Ivey Eunice A. Baker Abel B. 006-21 0275

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