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Husband’s Last Name Husband’s First Name Wife’s Last Name Wife’s First Name Folder Code Fay Code
Zander W.E. Warren Annie 177-22 4317
Zang George Westerhood Jennette 177-23 4320
Zang John     177-24 4318
Zehner James L. Leppert Mary A. 177-25 4319
Zeigler John D. Shay Annie B. 178-01 4329
Zell Franklin P. Worthington Alice 178-02 4330
Zgincki Frank Monnin Caroline 178-03 4315
Zierold Franz Houts Loretta 178-04 4316
Zimmerman Joseph Blair Mary Jane 178-05 4331
Zimpler John M. Morrison Susan C. 178-06 4328
Zorbaugh Conrad McClure Susannah 178-27 4332
Zumbro John Sebring Sarah Annr 178-08  

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