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Husband’s Last NameHusband’s First NameWife’s Last NameWife’s First NameFolder CodeFay Code
Yankauer Joseph Hatch Alice 177-06 4293
Yeager John H. Herndon Ann W. 177-07 4307
Yoarges     Mary 177-08  
Yockey Levi S. Lynch Ceolah 177-09 4309
Yocum Isaac Crawford Eliza 177-10 4308
Yocum Isaac Crawford Eliza 177-11 4308
Yoest Leonard Kennedy Mary E. 177-12 4294
Young Frank Hickens Mary 177-13  
Young Frank Terry Mary E. 177-14 4400
Young James Ellis Mary Ann 177-15 4310
Young James T. Stevenson Georgianna 177-16 4311
Young Peter Comley Sarah J. 177-17 4312
Young Robert P. Bradway Sarah 177-18 4305
Young Robert P. Reilley Mary Ann 177-19 4306
Young William F. O’Neill Mary A. 177-20 4313
Youngs Edward S. Jennings Caroline A. 177-21 4314

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