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Peikoff Alumni House is located on campus, and it is to be used for institutional and alumni activities and events. Scheduling must give priority to these events. For campus activities, we have a license issued by the District of Columbia (DC) to serve alcohol and insurance for alcohol liability. University functions will serve an institutional purpose, and it will be an event approved by a budget-unit head and financed through institutional funds. Contracting and payments will comply with Gallaudet policies and procedures.

Private Functions

Gallaudet University’s alcohol license and insurance cannot be used by private parties. Even if a host is an employee of Gallaudet, it is not a Gallaudet University function unless it meets the requirements above. Examples of a private function would be a birthday party or wedding shower hosted by the employee. To use the Peikoff Alumni House for a private function, the host of the event must comply with five (5) requirements:

  1. Reserve the location with a deposit more than a month in advance. The host must be an employee or alumni of Gallaudet University.
  2. Obtain a District of Columbia Alcohol License. This required DC license enables the host to serve alcohol, and it is typically a one day, site- and day-specific license available from the Alcohol Board of Control. The host is responsible for getting the license and paying the fee (2014 costs: $250 for beer or wine or $350 for beer, wine and hard liquor). The host has a few options:
    1. The host can directly obtain the alcohol license. DC requires a minimum of 72 hours to obtain a one-day alcohol license, and it recommends license issuance a minimum of two weeks prior to the event to ensure that the event can be held. The host must provide all licensing and insurance documentation at least 48-hours before the start of the event, or the reservation will be cancelled.
    2. Alternatively, the host may contract with one of the University’s two management companies with catering licenses for the campus: Flik International (Kellogg Conference Hotel) and Bon Appetit (campus food service). Costs associated with food catering and serving alcohol are between the host and these management companies. University management does not negotiate on behalf of faculty, staff, teachers or students for private events.
    3. Finally, the host can make arrangements with another catering service authorized to do business in the District of Columbia. The caterer must have and provide a valid DC alcohol license.
  3. Require that a DC-Licensed Bartender serves alcohol and manages the bar. This is a bartender who has completed the TIPS training and is licensed to serve alcohol in the District of Columbia. The host can directly hire a licensed bartender, or use a licensed bartender employed by a campus management company or other caterer.
  4. Be Insured. Hosts are required to have a liability insurance policy that covers alcohol liability and that has a limit of at least $1,000,000. Gallaudet University must be listed as an “Additional Insured” on this policy and get an appropriate certificate of insurance at least a month before the event. The host can directly provide insurance, or use the insurance of a campus management company or other caterer.
  5. Plan a safe event. Ensure that the activities are appropriate for the Alumni House environment and account for people who will be consuming alcohol. Offer non-alcoholic beverages and food alongside alcoholic beverages, and support the bartender’s decisions about serving to, and restricting from, particular guests.

Please note: It is the host, the person sponsoring the event and contracting with the Alumni House, who is responsible for all license, bartender and insurance requirements. The host must have all documentation to the Alumni House management prior to the start of the event. Gallaudet University reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to cancel any event that, in its opinion, has not met the licensing or liability insurance requirements. If an event is cancelled due to non –compliance with DC law and the University’s alcohol policy, all funds paid by the host will be forfeited. Under no circumstances will the rental cost of the Alumni House be waived or deposit returned, and the University will assume no financial responsibility for any costs incurred by the host. It is also the sole responsibility of the host, as the contracting party, to read and understand any contractual agreements associated with the event. Examples of these may include the Peikoff Alumni House rental agreement, bartending and catering contracts, liability insurance policies, etc. The University assumes no responsibility to review and approve any contractual documents other that ensuring that they meet the University’s alcohol policy. The University assumes no responsibility to ensure that the arrangements made by the host are appropriate for the activities during the event or adequate for the host’s needs.

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