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Peikoff Alumni House is the present home of the Gallaudet University Alumni Association Headquarters and the Office of Alumni Relations of Gallaudet University. It was known as “Ole Jim,” the first gymnasium built in 1881 with an indoor pool, basketball court, and bowling alley. In the fall of 2005, the Alumni House began its major renovation project.

Ole Jim is generally available to Gallaudet alumni, student organizations, and deaf-related organizations for the use of the conference room on the first floor and the Upper Level. For those that do not meet the above criteria, but still want more information, please contact Business Support Services at Contact here or (202) 651-5361.

First floor conference room

The first floor conference room is 700 square feet, it has a board room style, with an oval shaped table with chairs that can accommodate up to approximately twenty four people. The room is equipped with state of the art technology and flexible lighting configurations.

Upper level

The upper level is 2,250 square feet and can accommodate up to 149 people. The room has a charming nostalgic ambiance complete with stained glass windows, exposed beams, athletic banners, a complete wet bar, and the famous “graffiti chimney”. The room can be used for dinners, banquets, wedding receptions, parties, conferences, meetings, and a variety of other entertainment and educational functions. The room set up is flexible with round tables, long tables and folding chairs.

Rental fees and reservations

A rental fee and security deposit are required for most reservations. Advance reservations are necessary. Email Contact here for information on costs and services available.

Catering Services

The Alumni Office does not cater events. However, anyone planning meal functions are encouraged to use the University’s food services.

Alcoholic beverages

To see the alcohol policy for Peikoff Alumni House, please click Alcoholic Beverages.

Operating Hours

Business hours are Monday – Friday, 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. The rooms are also available for reservation after hours and on weekends–except holidays–until 1 a.m.

Learn more about making a reservation at Ole Jim here.

Alcohol Policy for the Peikoff Alumni House (“Ole Jim”)

The alcohol policy at the Peikoff Alumni House.

Alumni Relations

Resource Type: Facilities

Chronology of the 2006-2007 Renovation of ‘Ole Jim’

Five installments detail the twists, turns, and eventual success of the Peikoff Alumni House renovation.

Alumni Relations

Resource Type: History

Peikoff Alumni House History and Restoration

An athletic facility first envisioned in 1878 by President Edward Miner Gallaudet and designed by famed architect Frederick Withers has enjoyed a remarkable life on the Gallaudet campus, touching the lives of generations of students and alumni.

Alumni Relations

Resource Type: History

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