OSWD follows established testing procedures as mandated by Section 504 and the Americans with Disabilities Act. By law, course content and testing format cannot be fundamentally altered to accommodate a student’s disability if the change would compromise the validity of test measurement.

By far the most common testing accommodation used by OSWD students is extended time for testing, with tests taken and proctored in OSWD’s facilities. OSWD has updated and revised some policies and procedures for extended time testing as an approved accommodation. The most important changes for the students that faculty should be aware of:

  • “Extended-time” testing means twice the amount of time that would be usual in the classroom.
  • Students must make an appointment ahead of time to take a test at OSWD, at least three school days before the day the test is to be given in class.
  • Appointments for testing must be within the range of times specified by the faculty, and during normal OSWD working hours. Tests taken at OSWD must be completed during the appointed time, or they will be returned incomplete.
  • Security cameras monitor OSWD testing rooms at all times to verify academic integrity.

Any exam for a student who has been approved by OSWD for alternative-testing accommodations may be scheduled to take place at OSWD. Faculty can refer to a student’s Faculty Accommodation Letter to verify that such an accommodation has been approved for that student, or contact OSWD with questions.

To schedule a test, faculty fill out a Testing Services Request Form (on the Forms for Faculty Use page).

Once a test is completed by the student, OSWD will either hand deliver the completed test to the faculty, or wait for the faculty to pick it up at the OSWD office, as previously arranged.

  • It is the student’s responsibility to remind the faculty that s/he wished to take an exam at OSWD, and that the faculty needs to bring the exam to the OSWD office at SAC 1220.
  • If the student does not appear for the exam at the time of the appointment, the exam will be returned to the faculty member the following day.

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Extended-Time Testing Policies

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