Complete Request for Services Form

Download the “Request for Services” form from the top of our Forms for OSWD Page, complete all three pages (parts 1, 2, & 3), and email to OSWD.

Provide Documentation

Check the Documentation Guidelines to see what you need to document your disability, collect the information, then mail it, fax it, or bring it in person to the OSWD office.

Additional Information May Be Needed

If you have completed an OSWD Intake Form but OSWD has not received medical documentation, we will email you with a request to have medical documentation sent to OSWD.

Likewise, if there is information missing from your Intake Form, we will email you to request that you provide the missing information. This process usually takes about a week.

Eligibility Review

Once OSWD has complete intake and medical information, the received information is reviewed to determine eligibility for OSWD services.

Receive Eligibility Determination

Notification is sent in writing that the student:

  • has been fully accepted into OSWD and is eligible to receive services;
  • has been determined eligible for services on a conditional basis, with full acceptance pending the arrival of additional documentation; OR
  • has been dedetermined ineligible for OSWD services. A student denied services may appeal the decision through the Grievance Procedure.

Conditional Acceptance

Conditional Acceptance is granted when insufficient information has been provided to document full acceptance. Conditional Acceptance is intended to be temporary and is granted to allow more time for the student to obtain and submit additional documentation. Conditional Acceptance remains in effect until the beginning of the next semester.

OSWD will identify what additional documentation is required for full acceptance. This additional documentation must be submitted before the beginning of the semester following Conditional Acceptance. If this additional documentation is not provided before Conditional Acceptance expires, services may be reduced or suspended.

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Process to Register and Establish Eligibility

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