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Check out the list of signers below for the BOTB competition.

Year Prelim & Playoff or Nationals Division Book Title Author Book Signer
2021-2022 Prelims & Playoffs Bison Measuring Up Lilly LaMotte TBD
2021-2022 Prelims & Playoffs Bison Ghost Boys Jewell Parker Rhodes TBD
2021-2022 Prelims & Playoffs Bison Marcus Vega Doesn’t Speak Spanish Pablo Cartaya TBD
2021-2022 Prelims & Playoffs Blue Tight Torrey Maldonado TBD
2021-2022 Prelims & Playoffs Blue Aru Shah and the End of Time Roshani Chokshi TBD
2021-2022 Prelims & Playoffs Blue Ivy Aberdeen’s Letter to the World Ashley Herring Blake TBD
2021-2022 Prelims & Playoffs Buff Paola Santiago and the River of Tears Tehlor Kay Mejia TBD
2021-2022 Prelims & Playoffs Buff Habibi Naomi Shihab Nye TBD
2021-2022 Prelims & Playoffs Buff They Called Us Enemy George Takei TBD
2020-2021 Prelims & Playoffs Green Far Out Fairy Tales Joey Comeau, Otis Frampton, Benjamin Harper, Louise Simonson, and Sean Tulien Kate Lorenzo
2020-2021 Prelims & Playoffs Green Playing Atari with Saddam Hussein Jennifer Roy with Ali Fadhil Yazeed Al-Khatib
2020-2021 Prelims & Playoffs Green New Kid Jerry Craft Roderick Stickley
2020-2021 Nationals Blue Dragon Pearl Yoon Ha Lee YoungHae Park
2020-2021 Nationals Blue The Best At It Maulik Pancholy Gaurav Mathur
2020-2021 Nationals Blue Indian No More Charlene Willing McManis; Traci Sorell Vergena Chee
2020-2021 Nationals Blue Becoming RBG Debbie Levy and Whitney Gardner Tami Santimyer
2020-2021 Nationals Blue Piecing Me Together Renee Watson Nthabeleng MacDonald
2020-2021 Prelims & Playoffs Blue Bloom Kenneth Oppel Nevan Graves
2020-2021 Prelims & Playoffs Blue Maybe He Just Likes You Barbara Dee Dakota Ronco
2020-2021 Nationals Buff Every Falling Star Sungju Lee, Susan Elizabeth McClelland Cameron Symansky
2020-2021 Nationals Buff I am Alfonso Jones Tony Medina Aubrey Moorman
2020-2021 Nationals Buff Find Layla Meg Elison Felicia Williams
2020-2021 Nationals Buff It’s Trevor Noah: Born A Crime Trevor Noah Darrius Doe
2020-2021 Prelims & Playoffs Buff The Epic Fail of Arturo Zamora Pablo Cartaya Jared Herman
2020-2021 Prelims & Playoffs Buff The Pants Project Cat Clarke Skyler Officer
2020-2021 Prelims & Playoffs Buff The Unsung Hero of Birdsong, USA Brenda Woods Tyler Naeyaert
2019-2020 Green Wonderful Wizard of Oz Casey Johnson-Pasqua
2019-2020 Green How I Became a Ghost Colin Denny
2019-2020 Green Creature of the Pines Zen Mompremier
2019-2020 Blue The Stars Beneath Our Feet Alexander Hall
2019-2020 Blue Schooled Gordon Korman
2019-2020 Blue The Running Dream Dakota Ronco
2019-2020 Blue Amal Unbound Casey Johnson-Pasqua
2019-2020 Blue Fuzzy Claude Martinez-Krohn
2019-2020 Blue Charle and the Chocolate Factory Jesse Saunders
2019-2020 Blue Between Shades of Grey Kate Lorenzo
2019-2020 Buff The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise Bri Berrigan
2019-2020 Buff Other Words for Home Alison O’Hara
2019-2020 Buff Look Both Ways Jesse Saunders
2019-2020 Buff The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind Roderick Stickley
2019-2020 Buff Restart JohnMichael Taylor
2019-2020 Buff Island of the Blue Dolphins Anjel Perez
2019-2020 Buff Ahimsa Anuja Nadarajah
2018-2019 Green Jacob Wunderbar and the Cosmic Space Kapow, Vol. 1 Renate Rose
2018-2019 Green Drama Casey Johnson-Pasqua
2018-2019 Green Charlie and Frog Pablo Gonzalez
2018-2019 Blue Stef Soto, Taco Queen Claudia Giordano
2018-2019 Blue Monster Sheilyn DeLaCruz
2018-2019 Blue Hello Universe Bri Berrigan
2018-2019 Blue Forget Me Not Kate Lorenzo
2018-2019 Blue Two Namois Stephanie Sforza
2018-2019 Blue Nimona Sami Beaver
2018-2019 Blue Demon Dentist Jesse Saunders
2018-2019 Buff You Don’t Know Everything, Jilly P. Gabrielle Humlicek
2018-2019 Buff Unbound Jai Dortch
2018-2019 Buff The Thrifty Guide to the American Revolution Jesse Saunders
2018-2019 Buff Refugee Claude Martinez-Krohn
2018-2019 Buff Lucky Broken Girl Vivienne Schroeder
2018-2019 Buff The Harlem Charade Aryzona Marsh
2018-2019 Buff The Girl Who Drank the Moon Brianna Keogh
2017-2018 Green Sideway Stories from Wayside School Gideon Firl
2017-2018 Green March Jimel Wright
2017-2018 Green Ghost Pershea Jefferson
2017-2018 Blue The Castle in the Mist Shellane McKitty
2017-2018 Blue Stargirl Renate Rose
2017-2018 Blue House Arrest Billy Millios
2017-2018 Blue Deaf Culture Fairy Tales Genie Gertz
2017-2018 Blue Waiting for a Sign Casey JohnsonCasey Johnson-Pasqua
2017-2018 Blue nine, then: A September 11 Story Briella Diaz
2017-2018 Blue Akata Witch Chelsea Hilaire
2017-2018 Buff See You in the Cosmos Briella Diaz
2017-2018 Buff Loving vs Virginia Sheilyn Delacruz
2017-2018 Buff Gracefully Grayson Cameron Van Zuiden
2017-2018 Buff Code Talker Jesse Saunders
2017-2018 Buff Shooter Jane Enabore
2017-2018 Buff I am Malala Thinaja Nadarajah
2017-2018 Buff A Guide to the Other Side Tyler Heisey
2016-2017 Green Gaby, Lost and Found Karen Quinones
2016-2017 Green Goosebumps Most Wanted: Son of Slappy Briella Diaz
2016-2017 Green Magic Tree House: Midnight on the Moon Andrew Morrill
2016-2017 Green The Great Cake Mystery Jenna MiskoJenna Misko-Smith
2016-2017 Green Zapato Power: Freddie Ramos Takes Off Maurice Abenchuchan
2016-2017 Green Capital Mysteries: The Election Day Disaster Jenna MiskoJenna Misko-Smith
2016-2017 Green Shakespeare: A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Graphic Novel) Cryss Padilla
2016-2017 Blue George Vivienne Schroeder
2016-2017 Blue Glory Be Lisa Jacobs
2016-2017 Blue Once Laura WilleyLaura Willey-Saunders
2016-2017 Blue The Thing About Jellyfish Genie Gertz
2016-2017 Blue A Long Walk to Water Roderick Stickley
2016-2017 Blue Roller Girl Thinaja Nadarajah
2016-2017 Blue Who Was William Shakespeare? Jesse Saunders
2016-2017 Buff A Single Shard Andy Tao
2016-2017 Buff A Tale Dark & Grimm Sammy Siedschlag
2016-2017 Buff Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Jesse Saunders
2016-2017 Buff I am Princess X Renca Dunn
2016-2017 Buff Romeo and Juliet: The Graphic Novel Paige Hawkins
2016-2017 Buff The Ugly One Leticia Arellano
2016-2017 Buff Half Brother Andrew Morrill
2015-2016 Green Vampires Don’t Wear Polka Dots Sammy Siedschlag
2015-2016 Green Luz Sees the Light Bregitt Jiminez
2015-2016 Green Lost Treasure of the Emerald Eye Noah Beckman
2015-2016 Green Henry Huggins Jesse Saunders
2015-2016 Green Rickshaw Girl Malihe Ghazanfari
2015-2016 Green Magic Treehouse: Hurry Up Houdini! Joshua Josa
2015-2016 Green Fantastic Mr. Fox Renca Dunn
2015-2016 Blue Tangerine Andrew Morrill
2015-2016 Blue Rain Reign Lisa Jacobs
2015-2016 Blue Loot: How to Steal a Fortune Dr. Dr. Genie Gertz
2015-2016 Blue El Deafo Laura WilleyLaura Willey-Saunders
2015-2016 Blue Turning 15 on the Road to Freedom Khadijat Rashid
2015-2016 Blue The Fourteenth Goldfish Bobbie Bobbie Jo Kite
2015-2016 Blue The Island of Dr. Libris Tyrel Wilding
2015-2016 Buff Stung Janet Weinstock
2015-2016 Buff Stella by Starlight Niesha WashingtonNiesha Washington-Shepard
2015-2016 Buff The Boy on the Wooden Box Trey Gordon
2015-2016 Buff The Boundless Nikki Surber
2015-2016 Buff Weedflower Kaori Takeuchi
2015-2016 Buff Greenglass House Geo Kartheiser
2015-2016 Buff A Wrinkle in Time: The Graphic Novel Arlene Kelly
2014-2015 Green Whatever After: Fairest of All Vicki Hurwitz
2014-2015 Green The Chocolate Touch Vivienne Schroeder
2014-2015 Green Stone Fox Emilio Garcia
2014-2015 Green Dogs of War Laura WilleyLaura Willey-Saunders
2014-2015 Green Goosebumps Most Wanted: Frankenstein’s Dog Trey Gordon
2014-2015 Green Amulet: The Stonekeeper Sami Beaver
2014-2015 Green Magic Treehouse: Abe Lincoln at Last! Joshua Beckman
2014-2015 Blue The Raft Bobbi Bobbi Jo Kite
2014-2015 Blue Smile Renca Dunn
2014-2015 Blue Al Capone Does My Shirts Tyrel Wilding
2014-2015 Blue Because of Mr. Terupt Nikki Surber
2014-2015 Blue Serafina’s Promise Delia LozanoDelia Lozano-Martinez
2014-2015 Blue I, Funny: A Middle School Story Laith Fathulla
2014-2015 Blue Flora & Ulysses Maggie Kopp
2014-2015 Buff Chains Khadijat Rashid
2014-2015 Buff The Maze Runner Jesse Saunders
2014-2015 Buff Bomb Geo Kartheiser
2014-2015 Buff Worldshaker Alim Chandani
2014-2015 Buff Out of My Mind Tabitha Jacques
2014-2015 Buff Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library Andrew Morrill
2014-2015 Buff The Crossover Alexander Hall
2013-2014 Green Zita the Spacegirl Mari Klassen
2013-2014 Green The Secrets of Droon: The Hidden Stairs and the Magic Carpet August Shitama
2013-2014 Green Liberty Porter, First Daughter: New Girl in Town Ericka Baylor
2013-2014 Green Goosebumps: The Haunted School Rachel Pigott
2013-2014 Green Who Was Jackie Robinson? Curtis Pride
2013-2014 Green Sophie the Awesome Laura Willey-Saunders
2013-2014 Green Friend or Fiend Emilio Garcia
2013-2014 Blue Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made Andrew Morrill
2013-2014 Blue The One and Only Ivan Vicki Hurwitz
2013-2014 Blue Locomotion Khadijat Rashid
2013-2014 Blue Fever 1793 Nikki Surber
2013-2014 Blue See You at Harry’s Derrick Behm
2013-2014 Blue Ninth Ward Ericka Baylor
2013-2014 Blue American Born Chinese Bregit Jiminez
2013-2014 Buff Wonderstruck Tabitha Jacques
2013-2014 Buff The Car Derrick Williams
2013-2014 Buff Shooting Kabul Mark Ramirez
2013-2014 Buff One Crazy Summer Leanha Lawson
2013-2014 Buff Wonder Blair Rasmus
2013-2014 Buff The Total Tragedy of a Girl Named Hamlet Miranda Medugno
2013-2014 Buff Esperanza Rising Delia Lozano-Martinez
2012-2013 Green Magic Treehouse: Tonight on the Titanic Lisa Jacobs
2012-2013 Green Knights of the Lunchtable: Dodgeball Chronicles Tami Santimyer
2012-2013 Green Shoeshine Girl Laura WilleyLaura Willey-Saunders
2012-2013 Blue Turtle in Paradise Delasha Singleton
2012-2013 Blue The Earth Dragon Awakes Patrick Baker
2012-2013 Blue Rapunzel’s Revenge Stephanie Johnson
2012-2013 Buff Breaking Stalin’s Nose Vicki Hurwitz
2012-2013 Buff The House of Scorpion Mark Ramirez
2012-2013 Buff Inside Out and Back Again Derrick Behm
2012-2013 Buff The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Tabitha Jacques
2012-2013 Buff The Magician’s Elephant August Shitama
2012-2013 Buff Six Innings Derrick Williams
2012-2013 Buff My Name is Not Easy Delia Lozano

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