Number of Schools in the Preliminary Competition: 45

Number of Teams in the Preliminary Competition: 85

2020 BOTB Nationals

National Competition teams (Buff):

  • CSD Fremont
  • CSD Riverside
  • Indiana SD
  • Kendall Demonstration Elementary School (DC)
  • Marie Philip School (MA)
  • New Mexico School for the Deaf
  • TOPS K-8 (WA)
  • Wisconsin School for the Deaf

National Competition teams (Blue):

  • CSD Fremont
  • Kendall Demonstration Elementary School (DC)
  • Minnesota State Academy for the Deaf
  • Nebraska Regional Programs
  • Rocky Mountain Deaf School (CO)
  • TOPS K-8 (WA)
  • Venado Middle School (CA)
  • Wisconsin SD

Buff National Championship match:

Indiana SD defeated Wisconsin SD

Buff Most Outstanding Player:

Michelle Eicher, 8th, Indiana SD

Buff All Stars:

  • Abbie Barrett, 7th, CSD Riverside
  • Amber Robarts, 5th, Wisconsin SD
  • Annie Guo, 8th, TOPS K-8
  • Adrien Ercolino, 8th, New Mexico SD
  • Delaney Ringer, 8th, Marie Philip School
  • Sarah Walton, 8th, Indiana SD
  • Savannah Brown, 8th, Kendall Demonstration ES
  • Zoe Bell, 8th, CSD Fremont

Blue National Championship match:

Wisconsin SD defeated TOPS K-8

Blue Most Outstanding Player:

Robert Paul, 6th, Wisconsin SD

Blue All Stars:

  • Cindy Rodriguez, 8th, Venado MS
  • Esther Olakunle, 8th, Minnesota State AD
  • Jonah Jahnke, 8th, Wisconsin SD
  • Mattea King, 7th, Kendall Demonstration ES
  • Priyana Chohan, 8th, TOPS K-8
  • Riley Lordemann, 6th grade, Nebraska Regional Programs
  • Riordan Ferguson, 6th, Rocky Mountain DS
  • Sevan Ikeda, 7th grade, CSD Fremont

Green National Champions:

Kendall Demonstration Elementary School

Green Most Outstanding Player:

Akina Watson, 8th, Kendall Demonstration Elementary School

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