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For the 2013-2014 school year, the Preliminary competition was held in December 2013, with the Playoffs in January 2014. The top 8 teams from the Buff, Blue, and Green Divisions, were invited to the national competition held at Gallaudet in March 2014. Number of Schools in the Preliminary competition: 33 Number of Teams in the Preliminary competition: 58 National Competition teams (Buff): Earle B. Wood Middle School Kendall Demonstration Elementary School CSD Riverside Indiana SD Michigan SD Phoenix Day SD Rochester SD Texas SD National Competition teams (Blue): Illinois SD Indiana SD Kentucky SD Washington SD National Competition teams (Green): Atlanta Area School for the Deaf CSD Riverside Illinois SD Louisiana SD Buff National Championship match: Kendall Demonstration Elementary School defeated Earle B. Wood Middle School Buff Most Outstanding Player: Jennida Willoughby, 8th grade, Kendall Demonstration Elementary School Buff Sportsmanship Award: Kendall Demonstration Elementary School Buff All Stars:
  • Jared Herman, 8th grade, CSD Riverside
  • Jonathan Summers, 8th grade, Earle B. Wood Middle School
  • Spencer Willey, 7th grade, Indiana SD
  • Eliyas Assefa, 8th grade, Kendall Demonstration Elementary School
  • Tyler Naeyaert, 8th grade, Michigan SD
  • Zander Herbold, 6th grade, Phoenix Day SD
  • Emma Doughty, 6th grade, Rochester SD
  • Nevan Graves, 7th grade, Texas SD
Blue National Championship match: Kentucky SD defeated Illinois SD Blue Most Outstanding Player: Payne Yance, 8th grade, Kentucky SD Blue Sportsmanship Award: Kentucky SD Blue All Stars:
  • Jared Spinale, 8th grade, Indiana SD
  • Ian Fraas, 6th grade, Illinois SD
  • Jadzia Ingram, 7th grade, Washington SD
  • Kalena Bumbala, 6th grade, Indiana SD
Green National Championship match: Illinois SD and Louisiana SD tied Green Most Outstanding Player: Nthabeleng Macdonald, 8th grade, Louisiana SD Green Sportsmanship Award: Louisiana SD Green All Stars:
  • Jahaidia Brown-Love, 7th grade, CSD Riverside
  • Julissa Howle, 8th grade, Illinois SD
  • Chelsey Scott, 8th grade, Louisiana SD
  • Marquize Nash, 7th grade, Atlanta Area SD

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