Guidelines for the Team Photos

Gallaudet University Academic Bowl

When you send us your photos via email, please make sure the photos are high-resolution. That means the resolution is either 300 dpi and/or they feature a large pixel dimension. Also, if you’re familiar with photo editing software like Photoshop, you can check the document size of the photo. The acceptable size of the photo is at least 5 inches by 7 inches.

Please do not edit or crop your photographs. Let our graphic designer do the work for you!

A common misperception with digital photos is that the resolution must be 300 dpi. This is not true. If the photo has a resolution of 72 dpi, but the document size is 5 x 7, this will work.

In your camera settings, most digital cameras allow you to place the image setting to “Fine.” This means that the image you capture will be high resolution and suitable for printing. Do not set a panorama view in your camera.


If the players/coaches already have team uniforms, please wear them for your team photo. If not, decide on a uniform dress code (style and color) for your photo. Whatever color or style you decide for the team doesn’t matter to us, as long as the style and colors are consistent. Shirts should, for example, be:

  • One color (some coaches may opt to have their own coaches’ uniform or share a similar uniform with their players)
  • Either crew-necked or collar-necked (e.g., t-shirt or polo shirt)
  • Long-sleeved or short-sleeved


Have all of your players stand in the back and coaches sit in the front. Take close up shots, preferably from the waist up for the players. Say “Cheese!!”

Please do not stand in one row or two rows


The best quality pictures are those that are taken outside, so please arrange for outdoor photos. As long as there is adequate lighting and that the best outdoor light is directed at the team, the background doesn’t matter to us. Be sure that the sun is not behind you.

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